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Batman & Robin DC Comics movie adaptation cover 1
The Batman & Robin Comic Adaptation Makes One Simple Change That Fixes The Movie

Batman & Robin could have been the most commercialized Batman movie to date but the comic adaptation tiptoed around it to focus on its best parts.

Punisher from Marvel MAX and modern comics Daredevil jumping 1
Marvel Needs New Imprints if the Company Wants to Take Bigger Risks

Marvel Comics has to create new characters and worlds to ensure they don't become stagnant, and an imprint will provide opportunities to take risks.

Han Solo negotiates with Jabba the Hutt in Star Wars: A New Hope - The Special Edition 1
Jabba The Hutt's Cruel Forgotten History In Star Wars

Star Wars: Max Reebo sheds a new light on the cruelty of Jabba the Hutt, and why his legacy is such an indelible part of Star Wars history.

Wonder Woman faces off with her nightmare form in Knight Terrors: Wonder Woman #2 1
Knight Terrors Explores the Inherent Contradiction of Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman's confrontation with her dark side in Knight Terrors highlights what makes the character inherently contradictory - and human.

Supergirl and Superman together in Knight Terrors: Superman #2 1
Knight Terrors Highlights The Real Difference Between Superman & Supergirl

Despite their shared origins and similar powersets, Knight Terrors highlights what remains the key difference between Superman and Supergirl.

Split image showing the heroics and sadness in Spider-Man's life. 1
Marvel Needs to Remember Why Stan Lee and Steve Ditko Made Spider-Man Suffer

Recent Marvel comics feel like they are more focused on Spider-Man's misery than the reasoning behind his suffering.

Marvel Comics Trilogy 1
Marvel’s Trinity Isn’t Who You Think It Is

Like Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman of DC Comics, Marvel has a trinity of its own — but it's not Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor.

Split image of JLA World War III, Grant Morrison, and superheroes in Flex Mentallo in DC Comics 1
'90s Morrison Comics Had A Uniquely Weird Idea About Why Superheroes Exist

Superheroes routinely save the world in DC Comics but Grant Morrison has always believed that good guys like Superman could save reality.

kate pryde in her new costume emerging from a wall to kill an orchis soldier with her swords 1
The Best Kind Of X-Men Are Officially Dead And Gone – And Kitty Pryde Just Proved It

Kate Pryde's post-Hellfire Gala rampage just ushered in a brutal new era for mutantkind, changing the X-Men for the worst.

Three comic book characters who debuted in backdoor pilots 1
Five Characters Who Debuted in 'Back Door Pilot' Comic Book Stories

Discover five times that comic book characters debuted in a "back door pilot" comic book story

Doctor Strange and General Strange 1
Doctor Strange: Who is General Strange – And Why is He the Marvel Universe’s Next Great Mystical Threat?

The scars of the War of the Seven Spheres are back to haunt Doctor Strange in the present, as he faces Marvel's most dangerous version of himself.

Stan Lee and Bernie Wrightson 1
How Stan Lee Drove Bernie Wrightson Away From Marvel

In the latest Comic Book Legends Revealed, discover what change made to an early Bernie Wrightson comic drove the artist from Marvel

A split image of Knight Terrors: Nightwing covers by DC Comics 1
Nightwing's Dark Side In DC Comics, From Last Laugh To Knight Terrors

Nightwing's brutal side is exposed in Knight Terrors, recalling Dick Grayson's surprisingly dark history of violent acts in DC Comics.

Superman soars over Metropolis 1
Was Superman's First Ongoing Series, Superman #1, Meant to be a One-Shot?

In the latest Comic Book Legends Revealed, discover whether Superman's first ongoing series was originally intended to just be a one-shot comic book

A collage of Ahsoka Tano from the Star Wars comics and of the live-action Ahsoka played by Rosario Dawson 1
Marvel's Missing Out On The Ahsoka Comic Book Franchise

Ahsoka Tano has appeared in animated series, movies, and even video games. However, Marvel has yet to give the Jedi warrior her own comic book series.

Emma Frost from Hellfire Gala and Kingpin in X-Men comics 1
X-Men: Kingpin's Fall of X Role Highlights the Character's Best Modern Relationship

Kingpin's connection with Emma Frost is a great addition for both in Fall of X, and should remain a constant for the X-Men's future.

jon kent unleashing electricity as he battles Injustice Superman in DC Comics 1
Is DC's Injustice More Or Less Broken Than The Crime Syndicate's Antimatter Earth?

Jon Kent just discovered how broken the Injustice universe truly is, and how it could give rise to DC Comics' next Crime Syndicate.

carnage in his king in red form as he appears on the cover of death of the venomverse 1 1
Who is the Venom-Verse’s Agent Venom – And How Can She Possibly Stop Carnage?

One of the most important versions of Venom from across the Multiverse is leading the charge against Carnage - and she might have a chance of winning.

Carnage 1
Cult of Carnage: Misery Stiffs Marvel’s Best B-List Symbiotes, Again

Marvel's Cult of Carnage: Misery introduces Madness, the latest in a line of forgettable fates for Venom's most underdeveloped Symbiote offspring.

split image: Iron Man Carnage Reigns vs Red Goblin and Carnage 2099 in comics 1
Carnage Recently Launched The Same Scheme In Two Different Timelines

In more than one Marvel Comics timeline, Carnage seems to be a fan of taking control of people's minds based on some recent events.