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solo leveling jinwoo fighting antares 1
Solo Leveling's Epic & Controversial Finale, Explained

Solo Leveling has finally reached its climatic ending after three years of publication and 179 chapters, and fans are left feeling emotional.

Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z 1
Dragon Ball: Who is the Smartest Saiyan?

Saiyans are better known for their fighting abilities than anything else. However, there is one Saiyan who manages to stand out mentally.

Tsugaru holds Aya's severed head in a birdcage in Undead Girl Murder Farce 1
Why Undead Girl Murder Farce is a Must See for fans of BBC's Sherlock

Undead Girl Murder Farce blends mystery, dark humor, and unique relationships, and is a must-see for fans of BBC's Sherlock.

Naruto Hokage 1
Naruto: Who is the Strongest Hokage of All Time?

The Hidden Leaf Village has had seven impressive Hokage, but only one of them ranks the strongest of them all.

Zamatsu aka Goku black, vegeta and Goku from dragon ball in their super saiyan forms 1
Dragon Ball Super Saiyan Forms, Explained

Here's an overview of the Super Saiyan forms introduced throughout the Dragon Ball franchise, including some of their minor and obscure variants.

One Piece Continents 1
One Piece Theory: There Were Once Continents

The One Piece World may have been comprised of continents before a flood of biblical proportions reduced all but one of them to mere islands.

Split image of The Witch from Mercury, Gundam: Hathaway and a Build Fighters Gunpla. 1
Gundam’s Current Renaissance Is the Franchise’s Biggest Push In Years

Mobile Suit Gundam has several projects in the works after The Witch from Mercury's conclusion, with Gunpla's popularity helping to make this happen.

Spliced images of Digimon Adventure and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. 1
Why Digimon Lost Steam While Pokemon Took Over the World

Digimon was once Pokemon's biggest rival, but the franchise has fallen by the wayside due to creative developments that changed the formula.

One Piece EggHead 1
One Piece: Egghead's Skipped Plot Points

One Piece's new fast-paced storytelling has led it to skip over various plot threads. This is especially apparent with the story's return to Egghead.

One-Piece-Luffy-Love 1
How One Piece Practices Tough Love in an Era of Gentle Shonen Leads

Luffy may be blunt and a bit rough with his tough love, but it's a fair compromise between harsh antiheroes and overly sentimental leads.

MHA One For All 1
How MHA's One For All Became Problematic Plot Armor

Deku has embraced his destiny with One For All's power, but it also takes all the suspense out of My Hero Academia's final war arc.

Pastry and Licorice from the isekai anime Sweet Reincarnation 1
The Big Question Fans Are Asking About Sweet Reincarnation

Sweet Reincarnation is a fun isekai adventure that is missing one thing – sweets.

Manga art of Kawaki in the foreground with Naruto in the background. 1
Boruto Would Be Making a Huge Mistake Keeping Naruto Alive

The Boruto franchise has kept it vague regarding if Kawaki really does kill Naruto down the line, but if the Hokage lives, it'd be a massive mistake.

the main characters of the jujutsu kaisen anime 1
Jujutsu Kaisen: Where to Start, What to Know, and How to Watch

Jujutsu Kaisen dominates the Summer 2023 season, and anyone who has yet to try it is encouraged to dive right into this shonen adventure.

Madoka Magica collage of an evil-looking Homura to the left while Ultimate Madoka and Homura sit back-to-back on the right. 1
Was Rebellion Really The Best Ending For Madoka Magica?

Madoka Magica Rebellion is the perfect ending for the anime series—but only if Madoka Kaname isn't considered the protagonist.

Marin and Wakana in My Dress-Up Darling;  1
Can Anime Fan Service Actually Be Done Right?

Fan service tends to be cheap and gratuitous in anime, with many notorious examples. But there are still positive ways to do this.

Zirc, Amethio and Oina Pokemon Horizon's Explorer 1
Pokémon Horizons' New Approach to Recurring Villains is a Step in the Right Direction

Pokémon Horizons' Explorers aren't like preceding villainous groups. Their role as antagonists and how they're presented is much different.

Gear 5 Luffy during Episode 1071 of the One Piece anime 1
Why Gear 5 Is The Best Transformation In Shonen History

Luffy's Gear 5 transformation has redefined shonen powerups, making it one of the biggest events in anime history.

One Piece's Enies Lobby Floating Over a Chasm in the Ocean 1
Did One Piece Just Reveal the Secret of Enies Lobby?

Enies Lobby is back at the forefront in One Piece fans' minds as the chasm it's built atop suggests a dark World Government secret.

haikyu film poster 1
Everything to Know About Haikyu!! Before the Finale

Fans are excitedly anticipating the two-film continuation of Haikyu!!, and there are some things viewers should keep in mind before the release.