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kate pryde in her new costume emerging from a wall to kill an orchis soldier with her swords 1
The Best Kind Of X-Men Are Officially Dead And Gone – And Kitty Pryde Just Proved It

Kate Pryde's post-Hellfire Gala rampage just ushered in a brutal new era for mutantkind, changing the X-Men for the worst.

X-force #43 cover 1
Krakoa May be Gone but Benjamin Percy’s X-Force Fights On

Benjamin Percy talks to CBR about Fall of X’s impact on X-Force and bringing the storyline he’s been building with Colossus and Mikhail to a head.

Emma Frost from Hellfire Gala and Kingpin in X-Men comics 1
X-Men: Kingpin's Fall of X Role Highlights the Character's Best Modern Relationship

Kingpin's connection with Emma Frost is a great addition for both in Fall of X, and should remain a constant for the X-Men's future.

Annihilus emerges from the fire and The Scarlet Witch performs an arcane ritual 1
10 Major Massacres In Marvel Comics

By killing countless innocent people, including major heroes and villains, these massacres in Marvel Comics changed everything for the worse.

xmen the sons of x 1
The X-Men Need Sorcerers if They Want to Survive Fall of X

With Fall of X fast approaching, the X-Men need a different kind of power to stand a chance of surviving.

X-23 from the variant cover of X-23: Deadly Regenesis #5, cover of X-Men Red #13, and Cypher on the cover of Immortal X-Men #13 1
Every X-Men Comic Currently Running (& Their Most Recent Issue)

From Marvel's main X-Men comics to tie-ins building toward Fall of X, every month offers dozens of adventures for new and dedicated fans to enjoy.

Apocalypse from X of Swords comic and Shao Kahn and Goro from Mortal Kombat  1
X Of Swords Proves It's Marvel's Turn For A Mortal Kombat Krossover

The X-Men's X of Swords tournament showcased exactly why Marvel and Mortal Kombat were made for each other in a comic crossover.

A split image of Storm from X-Men, Wolverine from the Wolverine game, and Rogue from X-Men. 1
10 X-Men Who Should Headline Their Own Video Games After Wolverine

Wolverine fans are highly anticipating his solo game from Insomniac, but X-Men fans want to see other characters headline their own titles, too.

spider-man dangling between a set of four of hallow's eve's magical monster masks 1
Spider-Man Shows How Far the Hellfire Gala Disaster's Damage Goes

The latest Amazing Spider-Man Annual just revealed the full extent of the damage done by Orchis, and it goes much farther than Krakoa's borders.

Amazing Spider-Man and the X-Men with Madelyne Pryor during Dark Web 1
Spider-Man: A Classic Villain’s Personal Hell Could Be The X-Men’s Salvation

One of the X-Men's oldest enemies might just be the mutant heroes' best hope for survival, and Spider-Man is beginning to understand why.

X Men Figures stop motion Love on Krakoa 1
Marvel's Stop-Motion 'Love on Krakoa' Puts X-Men Action Figures on Love Island

Marvel's stop-motion animation "Love on Krakoa" puts X-Men action figures on a Love Island, featuring mutants entangled in love and drama.

Beast and Iceman from X-Men Unlimited #7 1
Iceman's Last Words Highlight the X-Men's Most Heartbreaking Tragedy

Iceman's death during the events of Fall of X was already tragic, but one understated moment speaks to a somber X-Men development.

Colossus, Kitty Pryde in front of Selene from Immortal X men 1
The Newest Mutant Massacre Has Cost an X-Men Veteran Their Innocence - Again

The latest mutant massacre in Fall of X, and Kate Pryde's response, highlights an X-Men trend of turning innocent heroes dark in the face of tragedy.

The Uncanny Avengers and X-Men Red in a split image 1
10 Epic Ways Fall of X Could End

The mutants are in a crisis after the Fall of X, and there are multiple ways that Marvel can wrap up this era.

Panel from Immortal X-Men #14. 1
Immortal X-Men Editor Reveals More Details About Fall of X

X-Men editor Jordan D. White talked to Marvel about the recent Immortal X-Men #14, which picks up after the massacre on Krakoa.

Scarlet Witch and Joseph Magento 1
Marvel’s Other Magneto is Back – And He Could Be Mutantkind’s Most Unlikely Savior

The Scarlet Witch has finally reunited with Marvel's other Magneto, and she may have given him the opportunity to help save mutantkind.

Wolverine and Deadpool face off 1
Everything You Didn't Know About Wolverine & Deadpool In The Comics

Wolverine and Deadpool are two of the most complex characters in Marvel Comics. Between the two of them, they have a lot of strange stories to tell.

Marvel's Nimrod kills Iceman, and Surge kills Nimrod.  1
Fall of X Averted - The X-Men Who COULD Have Stopped Orchis

One cult classic X-Men team could have defeated Nimrod and Orchis, saved Krakoa and prevented the Fall of X in Marvel Comics.

The whole cast of the X-Men titles 1
Tom Brevoort to Take Over Editing Duties on Marvel's X-Men Line of Comics

Tom Brevoort, the longtime Marvel editor who has been editing the Avengers titles for 25 years, will now be moving over to take on the X-Men line

Cable and Bishop wielding Rifle 1
Cable & Bishop Have the X-Men's Darkest Rivalry -- Making their Team-Up Even More Dangerous

Cable and Bishop's team-up in Children of the Vault #1 could help combat the Fall of X -- if they can overcome their bitter rivalry.