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How to find and defeat ganondorf in the legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom 1
How To Find & Defeat Ganondorf in Tears of the Kingdom

Link can attempt to challenge Ganondorf right away in TOTK just as he could in BOTW, but he won't be as easy to find—or fight—this time around.

Co-op retro gaming on the Nintendo Switch. 1
Video Games Can Teach You Some Really Useful Skills

Video games are an interactive medium that creates a unique learning opportunity. By playing games, gamers can develop various practical skills.

Best wizard multiclass combos in DnD 5e 1
Every Wizard Multiclass Combo In D&D 5e, Ranked

For players looking to mix things up, multiclassing provides some excellent possibilities to explore unique combinations of abilities.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game Poster 1
Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game Won't Suffer the Same Legal Struggles as Friday the 13th

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre's creative director Ronnie Hobbs confirmed the studio worked with the sole IP owner to prevent legal troubles.

Baldur's Gate party 1
The Canon of the Original Baldur's Gate Games And Their Controversial History

The Baldur's Gate franchise has taken many forms but the most impactful and controversial were the books.

Image of Scorpion from Mortal Kombat 11 1
Mortal Kombat: Who is Scorpion?

Scorpion is one of the most iconic and popular fighters from Mortal Kombat, and he'll see a big change in the upcoming reboot game Mortal Kombat 1.

A split image showing Liliana, Dreadhorde General; Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind, and Dimir Signet Magic: The Gathering Ravnica cards 1
10 Magic: The Gathering Cards That Deserve To Be In Ravnica Remastered

Ravnica Remastered is the latest Magic: The Gathering set that allows players to relive the past, with many great cards that fans want to see return.

Red Dead Redemption John Marston on horse with John Marston picking flowers in background 1
Red Dead Redemption: Complete Survivalist Guide

The Survivalist Challenge is a very difficult challenge in Red Dead Redemption, as it requires players to collect dozens of herbs across 10 ranks.

Assorted video game manuals, showcasing colorful covers and iconic game titles. 1
A History & Retrospective of the Best Video Game Manuals of All Time

Game manuals, once central to gaming, connected players to digital worlds. Their legacy remains a cherished chapter in today's gaming narrative.

A split image of a little mouse knight and an mtg witch with a crystal apple 1
Is Magic: The Gathering Going To Hit Fairy-Tale Fatigue?

MTG has Lorwyn, Eldraine, and now Bloomburrow to scratch the fairy tale itch, but this might end up being too much of a good thing.

Tough Cookie and Doubling Season cards on a backdrop of ashiok-1 1
Magic: The Gathering Wilds of Eldraine Complete Visual Spoilers

The followup to the fan-favorite fairy tale Magic set Throne of Eldraine is coming soon, with new cards and returning favorites.

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A split image ofJohn Marston with Mauser Pistol with a Carcano Rifle in Red Dead Redemption 1
Red Dead Redemption 10 Best Weapons, Ranked

Red Dead Redemption is full of old-school weaponry that can change the game very literally. Which weapons in RDR1 should players get first?

Baldur's Gate 3 wizard in dialogue 1
Baldur's Gate 3 Speedrun Sees Streamer Beat Game in Under 11 Minutes

Cary "Professor Palmer" Palmer has astonished gamers by completing Larian Studios' Baldur's Gate 3 in under 11 minutes.

Key art of Liu Kang in Mortal Kombat 1 1
Mortal Kombat 1 Beta Now Available to Download on Xbox

NetherRealms Studios announces the test version for the upcoming Mortal Kombat 1 weekend beta is now available to download for Xbox Series X|S users.

A composite image of Elden Ring, Bloodborne, and Dark Souls FromSoftware 1
Every FromSoftware Souls Game, Ranked From Easiest to Hardest

Starting with Demon's Souls, FromSoftware's Souls games are renowned for their difficulty. Even in this franchise, some games are harder than others.

PT letters over image of woods 1
Guillermo del Toro Questions Konami About P.T. on Its Ninth Anniversary

Director Guillermo del Toro calls out Konami once again about the delisted horror game P.T., which he worked on with Hideo Kojima.

Critical Role Candela Obscura Chapter 2 The Circle of the Needle and the Thread Luis Carazo Zehra Fazal Brennan Lee Mulligan Travis Willingham Marisha Ray Spencer Starke Illuminated Worlds 1
Critical Role: Candela Obscura Chapter 2 Reveals Theatrical Release With New Trailer

Critical Role will kick off the first investigation of the Circle of the Needle and Thread in select theaters, with Candela Obscura Chapter 2.

the concept art for MtG set codename tennis 1
Which Magic: The Gathering Planes Will We Race To In Codename Tennis?

The MTG set codenamed Tennis will feature an incredible death race across 3 planes, and players are already revving their engines with anticipation.

Link wearing Gerudo Disguise in Tears of The Kingdom 1
How to Enter Gerudo Town in Breath of the Wild & Tears of the Kingdom

In Zelda games, Gerudo Town lies deep within the Gerudo Desert. While it's hard to reach, players can find their way there both in BOTW and TOTK.

Superman from DC Universe Online, Sega's The Flash, and Lego Batman 1
10 Classic DC Games That Need Remakes

DC games like Injustice and DC Universe Online are truly nostalgic for many fans, but there's a new generation of gamers who deserve to play them.