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Goku from Dragon Ball; Resasuke from Aggretsuko; Denki Kaminari from My Hero Academia 1
10 Spaciest Anime Husbandos

The spaciest anime husbandos are naive and simpleminded like Goku from the Dragon Ball franchise or clueless and sweet like MHA's Denki.

Image showing characters from The Invincible Shovel: 'Wave Motion Shovel Blast!' ( `・ω・´)♂〓〓〓〓★(゜Д ゜ ;;;).:∴ Ka-chooom, Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks? and The Circumstance Leading to a Simple Killer Princess's Marriage Was A Certain Magical Heavy Zashiki Warashi 1
10 Silliest Manga And Light Novel Titles, According To Reddit

Over time, manga and light novel titles have become longer and sillier, and Reddit users have found some hilarious picks.

A split image of Mai, Master Roshi, and Pilaf from Dragon Ball Super 1
10 Dragon Ball Characters That Changed The Most In Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball is known for a legendary cast of characters, but some of them don't truly change until the sequel series, Dragon Ball Super.

Split panel showing Aang and Korra in the Avatar State 1
Avatar: The Legend Of Korra - All Known Avatars Ranked By Power

Out of these nine avatars that fans have been made familiar with, which of them rank among the most powerful incarnations of the avatar?

Image showing characters from Angel's Egg, Sarazanmai, The Secret World of Arrietty, My Neighbors the Yamadas 1
10 Forgotten Anime By Legendary Creators

Many famous anime creators, like Hayao Miyazaki and Shinichiro Watanabe, have worked on totally forgotten series.

one piece second chances with coby, makino, and cabaji 1
10 One Piece Characters Who Deserve a Second Chance in the Live-Action Netflix Series

One Piece characters like Makino and Buggy the Clown need another chance to be relevant, interesting, and contribute more to the story.

solo leveling jinwoo fighting antares 1
Solo Leveling's Epic & Controversial Finale, Explained

Solo Leveling has finally reached its climatic ending after three years of publication and 179 chapters, and fans are left feeling emotional.

The Most Dangerous Zampakuto In Bleach 1
The 10 Most Dangerous Zanpakuto In Bleach, Ranked

Bleach's Zanpakuto are some of the deadliest weapons in all of anime, but some Zanpakuto are way more dangerous than others.

Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z 1
Dragon Ball: Who is the Smartest Saiyan?

Saiyans are better known for their fighting abilities than anything else. However, there is one Saiyan who manages to stand out mentally.

Naruto's Itachi Uchiha & some of the Jutsu That Can Beat Him 1
10 Naruto Jutsu Strong Enough To Beat Itachi Uchiha

Naruto's Itachi Uchiha may have been a child prodigy, but not even Itachi could stand up to jutsu like the Eight Gates or Kamui.

Chainsawman and Katana man 1
Chainsaw Man Chapter 140 Release Date & Where to Read

Chainsaw Man's Denji is offered a new life by a figure from his past, but will he take it? Here's when and where you can find out!

Tsugaru holds Aya's severed head in a birdcage in Undead Girl Murder Farce 1
Why Undead Girl Murder Farce is a Must See for fans of BBC's Sherlock

Undead Girl Murder Farce blends mystery, dark humor, and unique relationships, and is a must-see for fans of BBC's Sherlock.

Split panel showing Naruto's Baryon Mode and Six Paths Sage mode 1
Naruto: Every Form Of Naruto's Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, Ranked

Naruto has access to the several forms of the Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, some of which have made him the strongest humanーand Hokageーto ever live.

Marin Kitagawa from My Dress-Up Darling. 1
My Dress-Up Darling Announces Limited Edition Blu-ray Release

My Dress-Up Darling Season 1 is receiving a limited edition Blu-ray release alongside a standard home media release from Crunchyroll.

A split image of Krillin, Yamcha, and Kami from Dragon Ball Z 1
10 Dragon Ball Characters That Changed The Most In DBZ

Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball is full of rich and rewarding characters, some of which don't truly change and evolve until sequel series, Dragon Ball Z!

Naruto Hokage 1
Naruto: Who is the Strongest Hokage of All Time?

The Hidden Leaf Village has had seven impressive Hokage, but only one of them ranks the strongest of them all.

Avatar: The Last Airbender image showing Aang, Toph and Katara 1
10 Most Overrated Characters In Avatar: The Last Airbender

Whether they're unnecessarily rude like Toph or overbearing and selfish like Katar, several Avatar: The Last Airbender characters are overhyped.

Midoriya, All-Might and Mirko 1
The 10 Most Well-Animated Episodes Of My Hero Academia, Ranked

My Hero Academia saves its best animation for intense moments and epic battles.

Split image, Raeliana and Noah from Why Raeliana Ended Up at the Duke's Mansion, Anya and Yor in Spy x Family, and Bucket List of the Dead 1
10 New Anime That Blend Genres Perfectly

Modern anime like Spy x Family and Raven Of The Inner Palace have gotten creative by blending multiple genres to create something new.

Vivi smiling 1
One Piece Collectible Shows a Beautifully Joyful Princess Nefertari Vivi

The blue-haired Princess of Arabasta is brought to life and expresses pure happiness in the latest One Piece collectible statue from MegaHouse.