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A split image of Final Crisis: Legion Of Three Worlds, Superman and the Authority, and the Warworld Saga 1
10 Best Superman Comics That Need Video Game Adaptations

From DC classics like Kingdom Come to newer epics like the Warworld Saga, dozens Superman comics would make excellent video games.

Spider-Man Powers 1
10 Powers Spider-Man Should Have But Doesn't

From invisibility to the power to clear buildings in a single bound, Spider-Man would be scary powerful if he possessed all the powers a spider has.

Side by side covers from Wild's End, Mosely, and Something is Killing the Children from BOOM Studios 1
10 Best Current BOOM! Studios Comics, Ranked

From gritty horror thrillers to sci-fi tales exploring deadly AI, BOOM! Studios currently has an abundance of must-read comics for readers to enjoy.

3 way split of Darkseid from New Gods, Superman from Warworld Saga, and Batman from Dark Knights of Steel (1) 1
10 DC Comics That Would Make Great Fantasy Movies

Becoming the perfect foundation for fantasy movies, DC comics like Dark Knights of Steel place a clever spin on the genre.

Split image Mongul, Zod and Manhunters in DC Comics 1
10 Most Powerful Armored Villains In DC Comics

DC Comics has a long tradition of armoring villains to boost their power, from Mister Freeze to Darkseid, making them notable icons of evil.

Split image of Batman with Superman and the Gotham Knights in DC Comics World's Finest and Detective Comics. 1
8 Best Batman Team-Up Comics, Ranked

Batman is often called a lone wolf but as DC Comics most popular hero, he's created teams like the Outsiders and worked with Superman since 1952.

split image: Spit from Across the Spider-Verse, MCU Mysterio and Venom: Lethal Protector 1
10 Marvel Villains Who Won't Kill (& Why)

Galactus devours worlds and Thanos snaps half the universe away, but not all Marvel Comics villains enjoy killing and some actively avoid it.

Split image of Batman feature-1 1
10 Powers Batman Should Have But Doesn't

Batman is a powerless vigilante who uses gadgets and martial arts skills to defend Gotham City, but certain superpowers would suit him well.

Split image of The Question, Batman, and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) 1
10 DC Comics That Would Make Great Mystery Movies

Packed with twists and turns, DC Comics like Batman: The Detective or Reign of the Supermen are begging for a mystery movie adaptation.

Split image of Ejikure's Neo-Gothic cover art and Tim Sale's The Long Halloween art. 1
10 Most Important Versions Of Gotham City

Across DC media, and especially the comic book source material, there have been various incarnations of Gotham City crucial to Batman's mythos.

Two different images of Wolverine brandishing his claws 1
10 Best First Issue Wolverine Comics

Wolverine is a Marvel legend with many solo comic book runs to his name. However, some of those initial issues are better than others.

A split image of Earth-2 Superman, the Spectre, and Etrigan 1
10 Powerful DC Heroes Who Disappeared Without A Trace

Some DC heroes greatly impacted readers with their impressive strength, but then they disappeared, leaving fans wondering about their whereabouts.

Split image Nightshade, John Cena Peacemaker, DCU Blue Beetle 1
Every Charlton Comics Character DC Updated

Following its purchase by DC, several Charlton heroes have been given an update into the superhero universe, from Sarge Steel to Question.

Annihilus emerges from the fire and The Scarlet Witch performs an arcane ritual 1
10 Major Massacres In Marvel Comics

By killing countless innocent people, including major heroes and villains, these massacres in Marvel Comics changed everything for the worse.

Split image Kamandi, Hawkman and Hawkwoman, Damage from DC Comics 1
10 DC Comics That Would Make Great Adventure Movies

DC's greatest characters have ventured across America, time, space, and the multiverse itself, and these comics would make exciting adventure movies.

Split image of Superman #300 and Superman #400 1
Superman Centennial Comics, Ranked

Superman is DC's most established superhero, so he's had some truly impressive centennial comics throughout the years.

Split images of Rai, Hawkman and Next Men, which were all canceled. 1
10 Canceled Comics That Are Still Worth Reading

Some of the best Marvel, DC, and indie comic books over the years came to unceremonious conclusions, but they're still worth checking out years later.

Split image Steel John Henry Irons, Pat Dugan STRIPE Suit, Batman armor 1
DC's 10 Most Powerful Armored Heroes

DC heroes like Cyborg and Batman have often been known to wear powerful suits of armor to battle some of the toughest villains.

DC's Blue Beetle 1
10 Ways Blue Beetle Is DC’s Best Legacy Character

Jaime Reyes' Blue Beetle boasts unique powers and taught himself how to be a hero, setting him apart from his predecessors and DC's legacy characters.

Split image of Batman and Batgirl 1
How Tall is Batman & The Rest of the Bat-Family?

DC fans know a lot about Batman and the other Bat-Family members, but their specific heights aren't common knowledge.