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Marin Ireland conducts an examination in Birth/Rebirth 1
REVIEW: Birth/Rebirth Delivers an Effective Twist on the Frankenstein Story

Birth/Rebirth is a twisted story about motherhood, with two seemingly opposite protagonists who are both invested in a little girl's resurrection.

The Last Voyage of the Demeter unleashes Dracula in a storm 1
INTERVIEW: The Last Voyage of the Demeter's Creature FX Wizard Göran Lundström Talks Shop

The Last Voyage of the Demeter's Göran Lundström talks to CBR about his process of creating distinct stages for the film's major villain.

Split image of Spinner, All Might, and Vigilante Deku from My Hero Academia manga. 1
My Hero Academia #396 Is an Intense Chapter With a Big Reveal and an Iron Man Reference To Boot

All Might, the greatest hero in the MHA series, reveals his new methods for fighting villains and makes a powerful debut for manga and Marvel fans.

Gal Gadot Heart of Stone 1
Heart of Stone Stunt Coordinator Jo McLaren Explains What Makes Gal Gadot a Unique Action Star

Stunt Coordinator Jo McLaren discusses the importance of finding character amid Heart of Stone's action and what elevates Gal Gadot as a performer.

X-force #43 cover 1
Krakoa May be Gone but Benjamin Percy’s X-Force Fights On

Benjamin Percy talks to CBR about Fall of X’s impact on X-Force and bringing the storyline he’s been building with Colossus and Mikhail to a head.

quest prince and princess prepare to fight  1
REVIEW: Image Comics' Quest #1

Image Comics' Quest #1 sets up an interesting fantasy world staring an engaging cast of characters. Here's CBR's review.

Cover A of Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 1
REVIEW: Marvel's The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1

An action-packed affair that takes inspiration from past storylines and current events, the Annual says more about his supporting cast than the hero.

Ghost Rider Wolverine Weapons of Vengeance Alpha #1 Cover 1
REVIEW: Marvel's Ghost Rider/Wolverine: Weapons of Vengeance Alpha #1

Percy and Shaw take readers on a journey to the dark side of the Marvel Universe in Ghost Rider/Wolverine: Weapons of Vengeance Alpha #1.

Snoopy Presents One of a Kind Marcie clubhouse 1
Snoopy Presents: One-of-a-Kind Marcie Delivers a Poignant Special for the Peanuts Sidekick

Marcie finally takes center stage in Apple TV+'s latest Peanuts special Snoopy Presents: One-of-a-Kind Marcie. Here's CBR's review.

Mace Windu readies his purple lightsaber in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith 1
Star Wars: Mace Windu's Death Was Originally Way Better

Rather than being thrown out a window by Palpatine, Mace Windu almost had a showdown with a different opponent in Star Wars.

STWROTJMAXREBO2023001_Preview 1
REVIEW: Marvel's Star Wars: Return of the Jedi - Max Rebo #1

Marvel's Star Wars: Return of the Jedi - Max Rebo #1 is a quieter contemplation of mortality and a fitting end to Marvel's one-shot series.

Storm is ready to strike in battle in X-Men Red 1
Apocalyptic Threats Loom Large in Al Ewing’s X-Men Red

Al Ewing talks his Fall of X plans for X-Men Red where Arakko’s mutants will battle the forces of the tyrannical Genesis and her husband, Apocalypse

The cast of Disney's Haunted Mansion 2023 movie standing in a portrait-lined hallway 1
Haunted Mansion: Cinematographer Jeffrey Waldron on Bringing the Happy Haunts to Life

Haunted Mansion Cinematographer Jeffrey Waldron breaks down his approach to the film's tonal balancing act and referencing the original ride.

enfield-gang-massacre-1-of-6-mr_7083ac2793 1
REVIEW: Image Comics' The Enfield Gang Massacre #1

Image's The Enfield Gang Massacre #1 by Chris Condon and Jacob Phillips is a gripping western noir with killer art.

iSuperman Flies through Metropolis while Lex Luthor looks on in CBR's Spoilers of Steel header 1
Spoilers of Steel: Joshua Williamson Expands Metropolis in Superman Annual 2023 #1

In an interview with CBR, writer Joshua Williamson explains the shocking developments from Superman Annual 2023 and how it advances the story.

Batman and Catwoman prepare for the Gotham War 1
Tini Howard Teases Catwoman and Batman's Gotham War

In an interview at San Diego Comic-Con, Tini Howard Discusses Knight Terrors: Harley Quinn and the upcoming war between Batman and Catwoman.

The Children of the Vault stand over Cable and Bishop 1
REVIEW: Marvel's Children of the Vault #1

The Children of the Vault awaken with one goal, make their dreams of conquest a reality in Marvel's Children of the Vault #1. Here's CBR's review.

Gal Gadot Heart of Stone 1
REVIEW: Heart of Stone Gives Gal Gadot Her Own James Bond Throwback

Gal Gadot's spy flick Heart of Stone is a solid enough take on the James Bond archetype, with enough fun action to justify its basic story.

The heroes of Dragon Prince: Season 5 1
The Dragon Prince Creators Reveal the Secrets of Season 5 and the Road to Season 6

In an interview with CBR, The Dragon Prince creators Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond explain the twists in Season 5 and hint at the show's future.

Emilia Clarke and Chiwetel Ejiofor go to counseling in The Pod Generation 1
REVIEW: The Pod Generation Squanders Its Intriguing Sci-Fi Concepts

Director Sophie Barthes offers a strikingly designed future world, but The Pod Generation's storytelling is never as compelling as its design sense.