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A split image of Final Crisis: Legion Of Three Worlds, Superman and the Authority, and the Warworld Saga 1
10 Best Superman Comics That Need Video Game Adaptations

From DC classics like Kingdom Come to newer epics like the Warworld Saga, dozens Superman comics would make excellent video games.

Fantastic Four cover. 1
Freddie Mercury Loved Marvel and DC Comics

Sotheby's auctions off Freddie Mercury's personal belongings, which surprisingly include an impressive collection of Marvel and DC comics.

3 way split of Darkseid from New Gods, Superman from Warworld Saga, and Batman from Dark Knights of Steel (1) 1
10 DC Comics That Would Make Great Fantasy Movies

Becoming the perfect foundation for fantasy movies, DC comics like Dark Knights of Steel place a clever spin on the genre.

Marvel Comics Trilogy 1
Marvel’s Trinity Isn’t Who You Think It Is

Like Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman of DC Comics, Marvel has a trinity of its own — but it's not Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor.

Superman from DC Universe Online, Sega's The Flash, and Lego Batman 1
10 Classic DC Games That Need Remakes

DC games like Injustice and DC Universe Online are truly nostalgic for many fans, but there's a new generation of gamers who deserve to play them.

Split image of Batman feature-1 1
10 Powers Batman Should Have But Doesn't

Batman is a powerless vigilante who uses gadgets and martial arts skills to defend Gotham City, but certain superpowers would suit him well.

Split image of The Question, Batman, and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) 1
10 DC Comics That Would Make Great Mystery Movies

Packed with twists and turns, DC Comics like Batman: The Detective or Reign of the Supermen are begging for a mystery movie adaptation.

Split image of Ejikure's Neo-Gothic cover art and Tim Sale's The Long Halloween art. 1
10 Most Important Versions Of Gotham City

Across DC media, and especially the comic book source material, there have been various incarnations of Gotham City crucial to Batman's mythos.

Split image Nightshade, John Cena Peacemaker, DCU Blue Beetle 1
Every Charlton Comics Character DC Updated

Following its purchase by DC, several Charlton heroes have been given an update into the superhero universe, from Sarge Steel to Question.

Split image Kamandi, Hawkman and Hawkwoman, Damage from DC Comics 1
10 DC Comics That Would Make Great Adventure Movies

DC's greatest characters have ventured across America, time, space, and the multiverse itself, and these comics would make exciting adventure movies.

Christian Bale as Batman and Heath Ledger as the Joker in The Dark Knight 1
Why Does Batman Keep Letting The Joker Live?

The Clown Prince of Crime has long been the most destructive force in Gotham—so why does Batman keep letting the villain live?

Split image of Superman #300 and Superman #400 1
Superman Centennial Comics, Ranked

Superman is DC's most established superhero, so he's had some truly impressive centennial comics throughout the years.

Split image Steel John Henry Irons, Pat Dugan STRIPE Suit, Batman armor 1
DC's 10 Most Powerful Armored Heroes

DC heroes like Cyborg and Batman have often been known to wear powerful suits of armor to battle some of the toughest villains.

DC's Blue Beetle 1
10 Ways Blue Beetle Is DC’s Best Legacy Character

Jaime Reyes' Blue Beetle boasts unique powers and taught himself how to be a hero, setting him apart from his predecessors and DC's legacy characters.

Ravager running from two-headed spider in Insomnia's dreamscape from DC Comics 1
Deathstroke's Daughter's Development, From New Teen Titans To Knight Terrors

Deathstroke's daughter Ravager has come a long way from being her father's lackey, so how did she succeed in turning her life?

Batman on the left with a streak of lightning behind him with John Cena's Peacemaker flexing on the right 1
Best Superhero Shows To Watch On Max

HBO might be Max now, but superhero fans still have plenty of iconic shows to enjoy like Superman & Lois and the iconic Batman: The Animated Series.

Harley Quinn Black + White + Redder #2 cover. 1
Harley Quinn Becomes Batman in DC's New Comics This Week

Harley Quinn wants to change her iconic origin story while Superman and Jim Gordon track down a new Riddler.

Composite image of Ant-Man, Magik, and Ms. Marvel 1
10 Marvel Characters Who Deserve Their Own Webtoons Like Wayne Family Adventures

Batman fans loved seeing a lighthearted take on the hero in Wayne Family Adventures; many Marvel characters could benefit from the webtoon treatment.

Split image Khalid Nassour Doctor Fate, Jace Fox Batman, Guy Gardner Green Lantern 1
10 DC Legacy Heroes Who Don't Make Sense (And Why)

DC Comics has done a great job of passing down heroic mantles. However, some just don't make sense, like Jace Fox as Batman.

Split image Sinestro, Bane, Mongul 1
10 Most Ambitious DC Villains of All Time, Ranked

A good supervillain is only as effective as their ambition. While the Prankster just wants to embarrass Superman, Darkseid wants to conquer reality.