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Split image of Ellen, Henry and Alex, and Zahra in Red white and royal Blue 1
10 Best Characters in Red, White and Royal Blue

Red, White and Royal Blue had some of the best characters that added drama and spice to Alex and Henry's love story.

Split: Zendaya as MJ; Tom Holland as Peter Parker; Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy 1
10 Characters Who Could be Peter Parker's Love Interest in Spider-Man 4

From Gwen Stacy to the Black Cat, these are all the characters who could end up being Spider-Man's love interest in his next MCU trilogy.

Split image Tom Hardy in Warrior, Mr Miyagi and Daniel Laruso, Brad Pitt in Moneyball 1
The 10 Best Sports Movies of All Time

In movies as in real life, sports represent the peak of human achievement. The genre of cinema has some truly inspirational stories.

Split image Elijah Price Mr Glass, Mr and Mrs Incredible, Brandon in Brightburn 1
10 Non-Marvel And DC Superhero Movies That Redefined The Genre

The superhero genre was built on a standard formula of the hero's journey. However, some films have reinvented just what makes a superhero film.

an image of peter pettigrew and dolores umbridge from Harry Potter 1
15 Most Hated Characters In The Harry Potter Series

Harry Potter is full of loveable characters, but it also has plenty of absolutely despicable characters that fans love to hate.

Adrian Brody in Thin Red Line, George C Scott as Patton, Andrew Garfield as Desmond Doss in Hacksaw Ridge 1
10 Greatest World War II Movies Ever Made

For decades, the Second World War has served as the go-to inspiration for war movies. Some of cinema's greatest films were made this way.

Split Image of Luna Lovegood, Sybill Trelawney, and Rubeus Hagrid from Harry Potter 1
10 Harry Potter Characters Who Deserve Their Own Spin Off

Harry Potter's side characters are just as iconic as the Golden Trio. And some of these characters could have intriguing stories of their own.

A collage of Hollywood icons Joan Blondell, Lon Chaney, and Hitchcock 1
10 Classic Films That Are Now Lost

Iconic films have been lost despite the efforts of historians. Moviegoers may never again see London After Midnight or other works of early cinema.

Superman Legacy and DCU Superman 1
10 Things Superman: Legacy Needs to Succeed

In order to properly bring the Man of Steel to the big screen for a new generation, Superman: Legacy needs to utilize certain elements of the comics.

Tom Holland as MCU Spiderman Unmasked 1
Spider-Man's 10 Best Quotes in the MCU

Spider-Man's dialogue is more than typical MCU one-liners. Peter Parker says all kinds of insightful things about himself and his career.

Judge Dredd left, Grey Trace center, Hutch Mansell right 1
10 Most Underrated Action Movies of All Time, Ranked

While these action movies have their fans, general audiences have missed out on them for too long.

The Haunted Mansion: Constance Hatchaway, the Hatbox Ghost, and Madam Leota 1
10 Most Interesting Ghosts in the Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion has its fair share of clever references and interesting characters. The most interesting are the ghosts that are in the mansion.

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The 10 Most-Watched Netflix Movies of All Time

Netflix has made some massive movies that fans have loved and continued to watch over and over again. Here are some of the most watched Netflix films.

Red White And Blue Royal' Alex and Henry 1
10 Most Romantic Alex and Henry Moments in Red, White and Royal Blue

Prince Henry and Alex are one of the cutest LGBTQ+ couples in movies, and their romantic moments will have every viewer swooning.

Split Image of Hermione Granger, Rufus Scrimgeour, and Cornelius Fudge from Harry Potter 1
Every Minister for Magic in the Harry Potter Timeline

The Minister for Magic is the political leader of the wizarding community in Great Britain. They head the Ministry of Magic and uphold wizarding law.

Qui-Gon Jinn (Liam Neeson) and Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) as Force Ghosts 1
Every Jedi Who Appeared as a Force Ghost in Star Wars

Most Jedi become one with the Force when they die. However, these special few managed to manipulate the Force to return long after their deaths.

Katniss, Peeta, Haymitch, and Katniss' Family Hunger Games 1
10 Overlooked Details That Make The Hunger Games Even Sadder

The premise of The Hunger Games is already depressing to think about, but these forgotten details bring a new level of sadness to the franchise.

Split image giant boar in woods, Critters poster, killer rabbit in Night of the Lepus 1
10 Monster Movies That Are So Bad They're Good

Monster movies represent the very best and worst the horror genre has to offer. Some are so bad they're great.

Split image Ben Affleck Hollywoodland, Sam Neill Sir, Hugo Weaving Hacksaw Ridge 1
10 Underrated Movie Performances From Great Actors

Even in the greatest of films, its easy for the performances of exceptional actors to go overlooked.

The crew of the Louis and Clark in Event Horizon, Nicolas Cage in Color out of Space, Robert Pattinson in Lighthouse 1
10 Greatest Cosmic Horror Movies of All Time

Since the days of H.P. Lovecraft, cosmic horror has been a source for some of the scariest stories to appear on film.