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The Batman & Robin Comic Adaptation Makes One Simple Change That Fixes The Movie

Batman & Robin could have been the most commercialized Batman movie to date but the comic adaptation tiptoed around it to focus on its best parts.

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Every New DC Comic Confirmed At SDCC 2023

DC's 2023 appearance at San Diego Comic-Con has left fans with plenty of great books to look forward to starring the Titans, Justice League and more.

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10 Most Shocking DC Comic Reveals At SDCC 2023

Fans are in shock following DC announcements at SDCC, such as Kneel Before Zod and Titans: Beast World.

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Batman & Robin Producer Shares His Theory on Why the Film Failed

Producer Michael Uslan opens up on why Batman & Robin came up short in 1997.

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How a 1987 Batman Comic Could Play a Major Role In The Brave and The Bold

The Brave and the Bold will bring Damian Wayne into the new DCU, and it will likely adapt both Batman and Son and the Son of the Demon comics.

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10 Best First Issue Batman Comics

Franchise reboots or miniseries like Long Halloween feature the best first issue Batman comics starring the Dark Knight, Robin, Joker and more.

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10 Best Batman Comics From The 2010s To Read On DC Universe Infinite

Batman has one of the best libraries of comics, and these are memorable modern stories from the 2010s available on DC Universe Infinite.

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10 Superhero Movies That Ruined The Genre

Even apparently unstoppable franchises like Batman and Superman have been derailed by movies bad enough to damage the superhero genre.

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EXCLUSIVE: Shazam 2's Jack Dylan Grazer Wants to Work With the Most Panned Batman

Jack Dylan Grazer, star of Shazam! Fury of the Gods, reveals to CBR that he would love to team up with George Clooney's Batman in the DC Universe.

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Batman & Robin Broke a Long Trend With Its Villains

Batman & Robin was far from a beloved entry in the character's live-action history. But its villains broke a longstanding trope from past films.

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Batman & Robin's Campy Shift Is Riddler's Fault, According to This Theory

A fan theory about the original Batman films suggests the Riddler's scheme might explain the in-universe tonal shift in Batman & Robin.

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Batman & Robin Killed the Cinematic Future of the Bat-Family

1997's Batman & Robin didn't just put Batman on ice -- it ensured future cinematic Batmen wouldn't be joined by his large family.

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The Mandalorian and Grogu Become Batman and Robin in Mashup Cosplay

This Batman and Robin meets the Mandalorian and Grogu cosplay mashup will have fans begging for a Star Wars/DC crossover.

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10 Action Movies That Aged Poorly

Some action movies meet great reception upon their release, only to be viewed more critically as the years go by.

10 Most Powerful Movie Femme Fatales 1
10 Most Powerful Movie Femme Fatales

Femme Fatales have been a staple of fiction for a long time. Many movie characters fit the bill, and then some.

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10 Worst Comic Book Movies, According To IMDb

While there are several great comic book films, some are best forgotten – at least, according to IMDb.

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The 10 Most Beloved Characters From The Most Disliked Movies

Viewers have fallen in love with these characters, despite disliking the films they're in.

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George Clooney’s Infamous Nippled Batman Costume Is Being Auctioned Off

The controversial bat-suit worn by George Clooney in Joel Schumacher's maligned 1997 blockbuster Batman & Robin is about to go under the hammer.

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Batman & Robin Costume Designer Admits to Creating Notorious Batsuit Nipples

Jose Fernandez, the costume designer of 1997's Batman and Robin, explains how he created the idea for the notorious nipples on the film's Batsuit.

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Batman's Best Movie Cowls, Ranked

Batman's cowl has been reimagined a number of times for movies, but these are the ones that stand out.