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Brandon Zachary is a Senior Writer with Comic Book Resources and has written for CBR since 2018. He covers breakouts on comics, film, television, video games, and anime. He also conducts industry interviews, is a Rotten Tomatoes certified film critic, and knows a LOT about the X-Men. For requests, comments, or to hear one of his many pitches for What If...?, you can reach him at bs.zachary@gmail.com

Wonder Woman faces off with her nightmare form in Knight Terrors: Wonder Woman #2 1
Knight Terrors Explores the Inherent Contradiction of Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman's confrontation with her dark side in Knight Terrors highlights what makes the character inherently contradictory - and human.

Supergirl and Superman together in Knight Terrors: Superman #2 1
Knight Terrors Highlights The Real Difference Between Superman & Supergirl

Despite their shared origins and similar powersets, Knight Terrors highlights what remains the key difference between Superman and Supergirl.

Gal Gadot Heart of Stone 1
Heart of Stone Stunt Coordinator Jo McLaren Explains What Makes Gal Gadot a Unique Action Star

Stunt Coordinator Jo McLaren discusses the importance of finding character amid Heart of Stone's action and what elevates Gal Gadot as a performer.

A split image of Knight Terrors: Nightwing covers by DC Comics 1
Nightwing's Dark Side In DC Comics, From Last Laugh To Knight Terrors

Nightwing's brutal side is exposed in Knight Terrors, recalling Dick Grayson's surprisingly dark history of violent acts in DC Comics.

Emma Frost from Hellfire Gala and Kingpin in X-Men comics 1
X-Men: Kingpin's Fall of X Role Highlights the Character's Best Modern Relationship

Kingpin's connection with Emma Frost is a great addition for both in Fall of X, and should remain a constant for the X-Men's future.

The Babylon 5 space station in Babylon 5: The Long Road Home 1
Babylon 5: The Road Home: J. Michael Straczynski Breaks Down the Show's Legacy, the New Film, and the Franchise's Future

Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski sat down to discuss The Road Home, Marvel, and the future of the groundbreaking sci-fi franchise.

Lee gets a spy mission in Enter the Dragon 1
How Enter the Dragon Fused James Bond & Kung Fu to Movie Success

Enter the Dragon quietly combines the martial arts and spy genres to great effect, highlighting what makes it such a fun tonal fusion.

Beast and Iceman from X-Men Unlimited #7 1
Iceman's Last Words Highlight the X-Men's Most Heartbreaking Tragedy

Iceman's death during the events of Fall of X was already tragic, but one understated moment speaks to a somber X-Men development.

Roper and William Enter The Dragon 1
Enter the Dragon Almost Subverted a Problematic Hollywood Trope

Enter the Dragon's Williams almost subverted an unfortunate film trope fifty years ago -- and set up a successful blaxploitation career.

Colossus, Kitty Pryde in front of Selene from Immortal X men 1
The Newest Mutant Massacre Has Cost an X-Men Veteran Their Innocence - Again

The latest mutant massacre in Fall of X, and Kate Pryde's response, highlights an X-Men trend of turning innocent heroes dark in the face of tragedy.

Fat Tony and Donbot from The Simpsons and Futurama in front of mafia photos 1
Does The Simpsons or Futurama Have the Better Cartoon Mafia?

The Simpsons and Futurama both have consistently silly but surprisingly dangerous takes on the mafia - but which one is the more compelling?

Cable and Bishop wielding Rifle 1
Cable & Bishop Have the X-Men's Darkest Rivalry -- Making their Team-Up Even More Dangerous

Cable and Bishop's team-up in Children of the Vault #1 could help combat the Fall of X -- if they can overcome their bitter rivalry.

The cast of Disney's Haunted Mansion 2023 movie standing in a portrait-lined hallway 1
Haunted Mansion: Cinematographer Jeffrey Waldron on Bringing the Happy Haunts to Life

Haunted Mansion Cinematographer Jeffrey Waldron breaks down his approach to the film's tonal balancing act and referencing the original ride.

Hermes tries bonding with Dwight in Season 8's  1
Futurama Makes Hermes' Family Issues the Show's Most Grounded Story

Hermes Conrad's family plotlines in Futurama are among the sci-fi comedy's most relatable stories, adding a human perspective to goofy adventures.

Gal Gadot Heart of Stone 1
REVIEW: Heart of Stone Gives Gal Gadot Her Own James Bond Throwback

Gal Gadot's spy flick Heart of Stone is a solid enough take on the James Bond archetype, with enough fun action to justify its basic story.

X-Men Exodus in front of Fall of X 1
X-Men: How Omega-Level Origins for Exodus Set Up His Fall of X Role

With the X-Men scattered into mysterious places around the Marvel Universe, Exodus' reliving his origin could save the mutant race.

Hermes brings Grace into the light in Stray Gods: A Roleplaying Musical 1
REVIEW: Stray Gods is a Beautifully Constructed Choose-Your-Own Musical

Stray Gods: A Roleplaying Musical is an incredibly impressive story-centric experience, placing players into their own personal musical.

Zatanna and Robotman in Knight Terrors: Zatanna #2 1
DC's Team-Up Book Should Star This Justice League Dark Hero Instead of Batman

A Justice League Dark member has recently established themselves as the perfect partner to multiple heroes, and is deserving of a team-up book.

Clark Kent finds a herd of Lobo's Space Dolphins while traveling through space in Superman: Lost. 1
Superman: Brainiac's Latest Plan Introduces a Major Retcon to Lobo's Backstory

Lobo's origin has been an established element of his character for years, but Superman Annual #1 makes a major change to his backstory.

Futurama's Planet Express Ship and Star Trek's Enterprise 1
Futurama's Planet Express Ship Is Better Than Star Trek's Enterprise

Futurama's Planet Express ship is faster, more durable and far more adaptable than Star Trek's USS Enterprise - or any other vessel in sci-fi.

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