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Sayantan is a comic book fan based in India who loves good storytelling more than anything else. His power to bore people to death with Kaiju lore is only rivaled by his love for books and movies. He has a master's degree in Energy Tech and loves to watch soccer. You can take a gander at his artworks here: @kenichikyuro

Batman & Robin DC Comics movie adaptation cover 1
The Batman & Robin Comic Adaptation Makes One Simple Change That Fixes The Movie

Batman & Robin could have been the most commercialized Batman movie to date but the comic adaptation tiptoed around it to focus on its best parts.

Cover A of Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 1
REVIEW: Marvel's The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1

An action-packed affair that takes inspiration from past storylines and current events, the Annual says more about his supporting cast than the hero.

Wolverine and Deadpool face off 1
Everything You Didn't Know About Wolverine & Deadpool In The Comics

Wolverine and Deadpool are two of the most complex characters in Marvel Comics. Between the two of them, they have a lot of strange stories to tell.

A split image of Batman Beyond's Neo-Gotham and Earth-Prime Gotham City in DC Comics 1
The Many Faces Of Gotham City In DC Comics

Gotham City is always Batman's home in DC Comics but it's occupied many centuries and worlds. It always grounds and defines its characters and stories

Cover A of Knight Terrors Batman #2 1
REVIEW: DC's Knight Terrors: Batman #2

As Batman struggles to free himself from his nightmare with Deadman in control, his memory of that night at Crime Alley becomes his personal demon.

Spiderman with Gwen Stacy and Ms Marvel, Elektra and Bullseye 1
A Brief History Of Fridging In Marvel Comics

Since before Gwen Stacy died, Marvel's been killing women to help their characters seek revenge and grow. The toxic trope has a long history in comics

Cover A of Superman The Last Days of Lex Luthor #1 1
REVIEW: DC's Superman: The Last Days of Lex Luthor #1

Lex Luthor's failing health makes Superman reevaluate their past relationship in a tale heavy on scientific technicalities and self-reflection.

A collage of Calvin and Hobbes comic strip panels about summer fun 1
How Bill Watterson's Calvin & Hobbes Captures the Essence of Childhood Summer

Calvin and Hobbes always captured summer's endless qualities perfectly, representing everything that adults miss about childhood summers.

superman lex luthor lois lane 1
Every L.L. Character In Superman, Explained

One of the greatest superheroes in the world harbors one of the worst-kept secrets: knowing the most number of people with the same initials.

Cover A of Moon Knight City of the Dead #1 1
REVIEW: Marvel's Moon Knight: City of the Dead #1

Moon Knight travels to the Duat to save the soul of a young boy and, in the process, fights the killer cult responsible, who are more than they seem.

Cover A of Knight Terrors Superman #1 1
REVIEW: DC's Knight Terrors: Superman #1

Insomnia invades Superman's dreams in search of the nightmare stone, leaving the Man of Steel trapped with horrifying visions. Here's CBR's review.

Spider-Boy, Spider-Man's new long-lost sidekick, in Marvel Comics 1
Spider-Man is Using Batman's Most Famous Tactic – With Frightening Mixed Results

Spider-Man didn't know he had a sidekick and he's concerned about taking a child into his war on crime, even though Batman paved the way for him.

A split image of batmant alfred and bane from city of bane 1
How a 1992 Batman Comic Proves Bruce Would Do Anything for Alfred

Although Batman has a strict set of rules that sets him apart from most heroes, he almost wavered in his resolve when his dear old friend went missing

Cover A of Fallen Friend The Death of Ms. Marvel #1 1
REVIEW: Marvel's Fallen Friend: The Death of Ms. Marvel #1

Fallen Friend: The Death of Ms. Marvel #1 brings Kamala's friends, family, and superhero colleagues together for a final moment of remembrance.

Black Adam split image with Teth-Adam killing his nephew Aman 1
DC's Black Adam Killed His Nephew — And He's Never Made Amends

While Black Adam is turning over a new leaf, he has never addressed how his nephew's murder led him down a path toward Godhood and villainy.

Cover A of DC's Knight Terrors #1 1
REVIEW: DC's Knight Terrors #1

DC's Knight Terrors #1 places Deadman front and center of this new event and pits him against Insomnia and his forces of evil. Here's CBR's review.

A split image of Batman:Widening Gyre and Batman: Year One in DC Comics 1
How One Kevin Smith Retcon Soiled An Iconic Batman Comic

Kevin Smith retconned a pivotal moment in Batman's DC history when he made light of Frank Miller's storytelling in Year One to tell a juvenile joke.

Cover A of Swan Songs #1-1 1
REVIEW: Image Comics' Swan Songs #1

Prince and Simmonds welcome readers to Armageddon, where one man braves the horrors outside to keep his small corner of the world alive.

Steve Ditko's image of Spider-Man struggling under tons of rubble. 1
If This Be My Destiny – The Spider-Man Comic Arc That Changed Everything

Stan Lee and Steve Ditko's classic Spider-Man adventure, "If This Be My Destiny," changed the hero's future and his status quo.

Ajmal Ahmad and Abdallah Jasim interview Crestar and the Knight Stallion #1 1
Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad And Abdallah Jasim Redefine Superhero Tropes in Crestar And The Knight Stallion

In an interview with CBR, Ahmad and Jasim talk about the world they are trying to create with the help of The Boys co-creator Darick Robertson.

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