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My Adventures With Superman Easter Eggs 1
My Adventures With Superman Perfectly Updates Clark Kent's Biggest Weakness

Supervillains tend to get a splashy entrance on My Adventures with Superman. But Superman's greatest weakness sticks to basics and stays understated.

On Star Trek Picard, The Next Generation assembles on the Enterprise-D's Bridge. 1
How Picard Cemented This Couple as Star Trek's Best

Star Trek: Picard reintroduced many characters from The Next Generation era, yet Seasons 1 and 2 prove Riker and Troi are the best franchise couple.

Ziva David looking down on NCIS 1
NCIS: Why Cote de Pablo Left in Season 11

The circumstances surrounding Cote de Pablo's NCIS departure were never fully explained, but she did get to reprise her role as Ziva in Season 17.

Carrie Bradshaw and Aidan Shaw cooking in Max's And Just Like That Season 2 1
Is And Just Like That... Rewriting History with Carrie and Aidan?

Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big are one of the most iconic pairings on TV, but it looks like And Just Like That… wants to change that.

The Gorn in Star Trek Strange New Worlds 1
What Strange New Worlds Can Learn From Picard About Star Trek Enemies

Strange New Worlds reintroduced the iconic Gorn as a relentless evil threat, and storytellers can turn to Star Trek: Picard for what should come next.

Lucas Scott positioned in front of a cast poster for One Tree Hill Season 4 1
Why Chad Michael Murray Left One Tree Hill

Chad Michael Murray played One Tree Hill's protagonist Lucas Scott until he and Hilarie Burton departed in Season 6, but why did the actor leave?

Superman from My Adventures With Superman 1
My Adventures With Superman's New Foe Finds Clark's Unspoken Weakness

Clark Kent always sees the best in people. My Adventures with Superman finds the perfect villain to take shameless advantage of his trusting nature.

What We Do in the Shadows Colin Robinson Runs for Staten Island Comptroller 1
What We Do in the Shadows Mines Real Political Scandals for Humor

Colin Robinson proves the perfect political candidate as What We Do in the Shadows satirizes real-world scandals with its signature supernatural spin.

Erica Ortegas of show Stat Trek: Strange New Worlds 1
This Strange New Worlds Character Is Integral to Star Trek - Here's Why

Star Trek's long legacy of brash pilots and chaotic team members, which add to its uniquely exciting tone, continues in Strange New Worlds by Ortegas.

Justified City Primeval - Raylan and Robinson sit in a car doing surveillance 1
Justified: City Primeval Episode 6, 'Adios,' Recap & Spoilers

Justified: City Primeval adds to its body count when Raylan, Mansell and Sweety all converge on one another. Here's a spoiler-filled FX recap.

Jessica Raine as Nurse Jenny Lee on Call the Midwife. 1
Why Jessica Raine Left Call the Midwife

Star Jessica Raine made her dramatic departure in 2014 as nurse Jenny Lee on Call the Midwife, but why did she leave the period drama?

Superman Carrying Lois Lane in My Adventures With Superman  1
My Adventures With Superman Teases a [SPOILER] Future - But This Is a Wrong Fit

My Adventures with Superman Season 1 hints at a dark turn for a key character, but the plot is rushing this arc and making it feel imbalanced.

What We Do in the Shadows' Nadja chats with Colin 1
What We Do in the Shadows Leaks Guillermo's Secret Again - And it Teases Chaos

What We Do in the Shadows Season 5 spills Guillermo's secret to another housemate and while there's fun to be had, there could be a lot more trouble.

Laan, Kirk and Khan Star Trek Strange New Worlds 1
What Star Trek Canon Could Mean for This Important Character's Future

With Star Trek's complex lore, there's little place for new characters to have a long future, especially when they're introduced in a prequel series.

Harley Quinn centering images of Poison Ivy and Nightwing  1
Harley Quinn Confirms the Worst Spouse in the DC Universe

Harley Quinn loves to hoist DC staples on their own petards. This week, it brings back an old straight man and reveals anew what a lousy spouse he is.

the walking dead zombie variant 1
The Walking Dead’s Dangerous Variant of Walkers, Explained

The Walking Dead's new variant of walkers creates a harder path toward survival, but this isn't the first time viewers have seen this type of walkers.

The League of Lois Lanes in My Adventures with Superman 1
My Adventures With Superman Borrows a Spider-Verse Trope - And It Works

Season 1 of My Adventures with Superman remixes the Spider-Verse's core element to complicate life for Lois Lane and her compassionate Man of Steel.

star-trek-strange-new-worlds-season-2 1
Strange New Worlds Finally Lets Its Most Underused Character Shine

Erica Ortegas is one of Strange New Worlds' most intriguing characters. It took the Season 2 finale to finally start making use of her potential.

NCIS Jennifer Esposito 1
Why Jennifer Esposito Left NCIS

Blue Bloods alum Jennifer Esposito left NCIS after just one season, but how and why was her NCIS character Alex Quinn written out?

Lois and Jimmy pitch a story to The Daily Planet on My Adventures with Superman. 1
My Adventures With Superman Finds the Perfect Way to Give Lois Lane Her Due

Lois Lane has been as much the center of the new series as Superman. The latest episode finds an appropriately outlandish way to honor her legacy.