predator versus wolverine #1 cover 1
Benjamin Percy Takes Two Icons on a Historic Hunt in Predator VS Wolverine

Benjamin Percy talks about Predator vs Wolverine; a four-issue crossover series that unfolds across multiple points in Logan's life.

Blue Beetle Carapax armored up 1
Blue Beetle: Raoul Max Trujillo Presents the Ultimate Supervillain Adversary

In an interview with CBR, Blue Beetle star Raoul Max Trujillo shares how he approached the role of the formidable supervillain Conrad Carapax.

The Last Voyage of the Demeter unleashes Dracula in a storm 1
INTERVIEW: The Last Voyage of the Demeter's Creature FX Wizard Göran Lundström Talks Shop

The Last Voyage of the Demeter's Göran Lundström talks to CBR about his process of creating distinct stages for the film's major villain.

Gal Gadot Heart of Stone 1
Heart of Stone Stunt Coordinator Jo McLaren Explains What Makes Gal Gadot a Unique Action Star

Stunt Coordinator Jo McLaren discusses the importance of finding character amid Heart of Stone's action and what elevates Gal Gadot as a performer.

X-force #43 cover 1
Krakoa May be Gone but Benjamin Percy’s X-Force Fights On

Benjamin Percy talks to CBR about Fall of X’s impact on X-Force and bringing the storyline he’s been building with Colossus and Mikhail to a head.

The Babylon 5 space station in Babylon 5: The Long Road Home 1
Babylon 5: The Road Home: J. Michael Straczynski Breaks Down the Show's Legacy, the New Film, and the Franchise's Future

Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski sat down to discuss The Road Home, Marvel, and the future of the groundbreaking sci-fi franchise.

Miles Morales Spider-Man #10 Cover 1
Cody Ziglar Explores the Dangerous and Evolving Life of Miles Morales

In an interview with CBR, Cody Ziglar talks about Miles Morales’ new problems, new power, new storyline, new foe, and new neighborhood

March' Andrew Aydin 1
Andrew Aydin Celebrates March's 10th Anniversary

In an exclusive interview with CBR, Andrew Aydin reflects on creating March with Congressman John Lewis on the book's 10th Anniversary.

Storm is ready to strike in battle in X-Men Red 1
Apocalyptic Threats Loom Large in Al Ewing’s X-Men Red

Al Ewing talks his Fall of X plans for X-Men Red where Arakko’s mutants will battle the forces of the tyrannical Genesis and her husband, Apocalypse

The cast of Disney's Haunted Mansion 2023 movie standing in a portrait-lined hallway 1
Haunted Mansion: Cinematographer Jeffrey Waldron on Bringing the Happy Haunts to Life

Haunted Mansion Cinematographer Jeffrey Waldron breaks down his approach to the film's tonal balancing act and referencing the original ride.

iSuperman Flies through Metropolis while Lex Luthor looks on in CBR's Spoilers of Steel header 1
Spoilers of Steel: Joshua Williamson Expands Metropolis in Superman Annual 2023 #1

In an interview with CBR, writer Joshua Williamson explains the shocking developments from Superman Annual 2023 and how it advances the story.

Batman and Catwoman prepare for the Gotham War 1
Tini Howard Teases Catwoman and Batman's Gotham War

In an interview at San Diego Comic-Con, Tini Howard Discusses Knight Terrors: Harley Quinn and the upcoming war between Batman and Catwoman.

The heroes of Dragon Prince: Season 5 1
The Dragon Prince Creators Reveal the Secrets of Season 5 and the Road to Season 6

In an interview with CBR, The Dragon Prince creators Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond explain the twists in Season 5 and hint at the show's future.

Charles Xavier and a decaying Sentinel in Marvel Comics 1
Survivors Battle for Krakoa’s Legacy in Kieron Gillen’s Immortal X-Men

Kieron Gillen talks to CBR about his plans for Immortal X-Men now that the Fall of X has begun and Krakoa’s Quiet Council is no more.

Neopets CEO Dishes on the Neopian Renaissance

At San Diego Comic-Con, Neopets CEO Dominic Law sat down with CBR to talk about what's next for the beloved virtual pets online game.

Hijack key art 1
Hijack: George Kay & Jim Field Smith Discuss the Apple TV+ Thriller's Big Finale

In an interview with CBR, Hijack creators George Kay and Jim Field Smith unpack the taut twists and turns behind the Apple TV+ thriller series.

The Children of the Vault go to war against Bishop and Cable in Children of the Vault 1
Deniz Camp Unleashes the Children of the Vault

In an interview with CBR, Deniz Camp discusses his Marvel debut, Children of the Vault, featuring Cable and Bishop.

Avengers #4 cover 1
Earth’s Mightiest Spoilers: MacKay on the Battles for Earth’s Cities in Avengers #4

In an interview with CBR, Jed MacKay talks about the Avengers' struggles to save several Earth cities from the Ashen Combine.

Praise Petey cast assembled 1
Praise Petey: Anna Drezen Skewers Expectations with Freeform's Animated Series

In an interview with CBR, Praise Petey creator Anna Drezen reveals how the animated series and its funny takedown of Hollywood tropes came to life.

Poster for Blumhouse's The Passenger 1
The Passenger Director Carter Smith Discusses the New Thriller's Dynamic Characters

Filmmaker Carter Smith sat down with CBR for an exclusive chat regarding his new film, The Passenger.