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Punisher from Marvel MAX and modern comics Daredevil jumping 1
Marvel Needs New Imprints if the Company Wants to Take Bigger Risks

Marvel Comics has to create new characters and worlds to ensure they don't become stagnant, and an imprint will provide opportunities to take risks.

Superman from DC Universe Online, Sega's The Flash, and Lego Batman 1
10 Classic DC Games That Need Remakes

DC games like Injustice and DC Universe Online are truly nostalgic for many fans, but there's a new generation of gamers who deserve to play them.

Split image of Batman feature-1 1
10 Powers Batman Should Have But Doesn't

Batman is a powerless vigilante who uses gadgets and martial arts skills to defend Gotham City, but certain superpowers would suit him well.

Split image of Ahsoka Tano in Rebels, live-action and Clone Wars feature 1
Everything Star Wars Newcomers Need to Know About Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka is heading to Disney+, but some viewers may have never dipped into the animated shows and will need to catch up on the character's history.

Split image of Batgirl, Harley Quinn and Darkseid DC feature 1
10 Canceled DC Projects Fans Want to See on the Big Screen

The future DC Comics slate is currently up in the air as major creative changes take place at Warner Bros., but these canceled films deserve more.

Split image of the 2023 Venom, Sister Grimm and Zeitgeist in Marvel Comics 1
15 Darkest Superpowers In Marvel Comics

Marvel's heroes and villains sometimes wield dark powers to achieve their goals, resulting in abilities harmful to both the wielder and their targets.

Split image of Dark Droids in Star Wars feature 1
10 Coolest Star Wars Droids That Should Appear In Dark Droids, Ranked

Star Wars: Dark Droids is a new comic event focusing on the robotic companions, with room for familiar cameos from Star Wars films and games.

Batman soars through Arkham City as Batman from Arkham Knight watches the Bat-signal 1
The True Strength Of The Batman: Arkham Series Has Been Overlooked

The Batman Arkham games are beloved, but one of the key strengths of the franchise is too often ignored despite how it elevated Asylum, City and more.

A group of Generation IV's Sinnoh region Pokemon congregate in Pokemon GO 1
Why The Pokémon GO Model Hasn't Translated To Other Franchises

The Pokémon Go model was a massive hit for the brand, but as other franchises chase the same success it's clear the formula doesn't work.

Split image of Shadowcat, Agatha Harkness and Gauntlet feature 1
10 Marvel Characters Who Taught At Superhero Schools

The next generation of superheroes has to come from somewhere and these Marvel Comics characters train and teach tomorrow's X-Men, Avengers, and more.

Spider-Punk playing the guitar in Across the Spider-Verse. 1
Spider-Verse's Impact on Animation Is More About Story Than Style

Spider-Verse's revolutionary animation stylings have changed the direction of the industry, but the goals for this shift put the story first.

Split image of Xbox controller feature 1
Every Official Xbox Controller Ever, Ranked

Controllers are integral to the gaming experience and Xbox has truly refined its technology over years of trial and error, leading to amazing results.

Split image of Death Star LEGO sets feature 1
Every Death Star LEGO Star Wars Set, Ranked

The Death Star is the ultimate weapon in the Star Wars galaxy and fans can add the creation to their collection thanks to these great LEGO models.

Split image of Spider-Man feature 1
10 Comic Storylines That Could Inspire Amazing Spider-Man 3

Amazing Spider-Man 3 could be on the horizon after the success of No Way Home, and a there are a few comics that could inspire the film's story.

Split image of Cheetah, Joker and Sinestro in DC Villain feature 1
10 Tired DC Villain Tropes (& How To Save Them)

Every comic company has begun to play into the tropes of the genre and the DC Comics villains are no exception, but they need to kick bad habits.

Eevee and a trainer in Pokemon Go 1
A Beginner's Guide To Pokémon GO In 2023

Pokémon GO is always being refined and updated and with plenty of elements to enjoy from the mobile title, 2023 is a great time to jump in.

Margot Robbie’s Barbie smiling to the side with sunglasses alongside a Mattel toys collage.  1
Mattel's Wave of Toy Movies Could Have Potential

Mattel is moving forward with brand new toy stories off the back of the success of Barbie, and some of them could genuinely have potential.

A collage of ai arthur morgan tiktoks and roger clarks response 1
AI Voice Generation In Video Games Is A Massive Labor Issue And A Violation of Consent

Red Dead Redemption 2's Roger Clark is the latest in a long line of beloved video game voice actors to take a hardline stance against AI voices.

Split image of Iron Man feature 1
10 Fights That Would've Killed Iron Man In Real Life

Iron Man has had plenty of near-death experiences in the MCU and comics, but if these stories were real, Tony Stark wouldn't have survived.

Batman and Scooby from Multiversus surrounding by Super Smash Bros 1
What Makes For A Good Licensed Fighting Game

As evidenced by the many licensed brands that try to tap into the fighting game genre, the formula for success is difficult to crack.

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