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A split image showcasing Doctor Strange and Ultron from the What If...? animated series with John Walker holing a bloody Captain America shield in the center 1
10 Best Villains in the MCU's Disney+ TV Shows

From Agatha Harkness to Kang, the MCU's TV shows have had villains that are just as great as the ones in Marvel's movies.

Homelander from The Boys, Vecna from Stranger Things, and Moff Gideon from The Mandalorian 1
10 Best Villains in Sci-Fi TV Shows

An intimidating villain always makes a great science fiction show more engaging, which is what Vecna, Homelander, and several others have to offer.

Unpopular Gilmore Girls Opinions graphic featuring Sookie, Marty, and Rory. 1
10 Unpopular Gilmore Girls Opinions That Make Good Points

Some Gilmore Girls fans have shared unpopular opinions that make fascinating, well-supported points.

My Adventures with Superman hints at the Justice Lords arc 1
My Adventures With Superman: Episode 7's Biggest DC Easter Eggs

Season 1 of My Adventures with Superman takes Clark Kent into a mystical and cosmic vault that has quite a few cool DC Easter eggs and references.

Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez in Only Murders in the Building 1
10 Best Performances in Only Murders In The Building

Only Murders in the Building has made some great episodes of TV and that is thanks to its cast. Here are some best performances of the series.

Collage of Jess Day and the cast of New Girl 1
10 Best New Girl Characters, Ranked

From Nick to Cece, some characters in New Girl stand out because of their funny scenes, great character arcs, and chemistry with the rest of the cast.

Star Wars Rebels Characters in front of White Loth Wolf and Bendu 1
10 Ways Star Wars Rebels Redefined the Force

Star Wars Rebels brought the Force to life in plenty of new and exciting ways, building upon the lore that has long surrounded this mysterious power.

Friends: 5 Inconsistencies Everyone Ignores

Friends set the scene for a lot of modern sitcoms in its foundation, but the series wasn't always consistent.

Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender 1
10 Best TV Villain Redemption Arcs

These villains did an about-turn, shedding their evil motivations and becoming good people in shows like Game of Thrones and The Good Place.

Glenn, Negan, and Alpha in The Walking Dead.  1
10 Unpopular Walking Dead Opinions That Make Good Points

Among the widely accepted beliefs of The Walking Dead, there are some interesting unpopular opinions that make good points.

Maddy from Euphoria, the titular Wednesday, and Serena from Gossip Girl split image. 1
10 Cringiest Tropes In Teen Shows

Even with successes like Wednesday, teen shows need to leave behind cringey tropes like backstabbing best friends and high school hierarchies.

10 Worst Netflix Original TV Series, Ranked 1
20 Lowest Rated Netflix Original TV Series, Ranked by IMDb

For every award-winning series that Netflix produces, there are a dozen that should have never been made in the first place.

24 characters split image with Kiefer Sutherland holding a gun front and center 1
24: Every Season From Worst To Best, Ranked (According To Rotten Tomatoes)

24 is one of the longest-running action series ever made, but it couldn't keep the quality consistent across so many seasons.

Split image of Ahsoka Tano in Rebels, live-action and Clone Wars feature 1
Everything Star Wars Newcomers Need to Know About Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka is heading to Disney+, but some viewers may have never dipped into the animated shows and will need to catch up on the character's history.

Rassilon, Tecteun, and Borusa Dr Who 1
10 Times Doctor Who's Time Lords Were the Villains

Modern Doctor Who has frequently explored how much the Doctor misses their own people, making it easy to forget the Time Lords were often their enemy.

Omni-Man, Mark and Atom-Even from Invincible 1
Invincible: 15 Ways The TV Series Already Improved The Comics

Invincible has proved itself as a great comic adaptation since launching earlier this year and even does some things better than the source material.

Kimber, Loretta and Donna in Only Murders in the Building 1
Only Murders in the Building Season 3's Most Likely Suspects

Charles, Mabel and Oliver return to sniff out another killer in Only Murders in the Building Season 3. These are the most likely suspects.

mistakes to fix with a big bang theory remake 1
10 Mistakes A Big Bang Theory Remake Series Could Fix

If the producers could start The Big Bang Theory all over again, they could eliminate the show's crueler side and tweak its main characters.

Emhyr, Mistle, and Radovid in The Witcher. 1
10 The Witcher Characters That Need More Screen Time in Season 4

The Witcher has a great diverse cast of characters and some of them need to get more screen time in the Season 4 plotline.

Sansa Stark becomes queen of the north in Game of Thrones 1
10 Unpopular Game of Thrones Opinions That Make Good Points

Game of Thrones is still a very controversial show, but these unpopular opinions from fans make some excellent points.