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Sam Elliott as Carter Slade in Ghost Rider 1
Ghost Rider's Biggest Live-Action Change Could Benefit the MCU

2007's Ghost Rider altered key aspects of the lore. But keeping one change could greatly benefit the character's impact and the larger MCU.

Split: Zendaya as MJ; Tom Holland as Peter Parker; Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy 1
10 Characters Who Could be Peter Parker's Love Interest in Spider-Man 4

From Gwen Stacy to the Black Cat, these are all the characters who could end up being Spider-Man's love interest in his next MCU trilogy.

A split image showcasing Doctor Strange and Ultron from the What If...? animated series with John Walker holing a bloody Captain America shield in the center 1
10 Best Villains in the MCU's Disney+ TV Shows

From Agatha Harkness to Kang, the MCU's TV shows have had villains that are just as great as the ones in Marvel's movies.

Marvel Comics Got the Illuminati Even Worse than The MCU 1
The MCU Was Highly Profitable Until It Started Repeating a Major Comics Problem

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is taking a turn for the worse by unintentionally copying an issue that Marvel Comics deals with.

An image of Tom Brevoort, Wolverine from Deadpool 3 and the Civil War comic book. 1
Tom Brevoort's New Marvel Role Could Spell Good News for the MCU

The mutants still haven't gotten a major push in the MCU, but this might change given the new role given to Marvel Comics editor Tom Brevoort.

white vision grabbing thor's hammer mjolnir 1
Vision Lifting Thor's Hammer May Open the Door for Another Tony Stark Creation

Vision lifted Thor's hammer. Could an Iron Man suit do the same thing? Well, the semantics of spells clash with machine intelligence.

Tom Holland as MCU Spiderman Unmasked 1
Spider-Man's 10 Best Quotes in the MCU

Spider-Man's dialogue is more than typical MCU one-liners. Peter Parker says all kinds of insightful things about himself and his career.

Black Widow next to the Avengers. 1
Black Widow's Spiritual Successor Already Has an Impressive Body Count

Black Widow left a huge mark on the MCU before her big sacrifice. But her spiritual successor has already been revealed in an unlikely story.

winter soldier and mcu villains 1
DC and Marvel Have Iconic Villains - But Aren't Getting Their Due in Movies

Despite pulling from the richest worlds of comics, some superhero movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DCU struggle with its villains.

Wandavision and Gravik from Secret Invasion 1
The MCU Made One Crucial Mistake With its TV Series

The MCU's descent into the world has TV has been met with less than stellar success. The MCU has made one big error that continues to harm its shows.

werewolf by night next to blade  1
The MCU’s Newest Monsters May Take to a New Profession

The MCU's latest monsters have only been explored briefly. But what's been shown may allude to them having new jobs in the universe.

Split Image: Odin (Anthony Hopkins); Thanos (Josh Brolin); Ego (Kurt Russell) 1
9 MCU Characters Who Could Have Beat Thanos (If They Didn’t Die First)

From otherworldly beings to gods, the MCU is full of characters who could have defeated Thanos in Infinity War--if they hadn't died first.

Marvel-Cinematic-Universe 1
The MCU Thrives on Humor - But It May Be Taking It Too Far

The MCU has cultivated a signature style of comedy across multiple films and TV shows, though there have been times when it didn't benefit the story.

Split Image: Harry Osborn; Peter Parker (Tom Holland); and Gwen Stacy 1
10 Spider-Man Supporting Characters Still Missing From the MCU

Spider-Man has one of the best supporting casts of all time, but not all of his friends and allies have made their way into the MCU movies.

Tony Revolori in Spider-Man: Homecoming; Flash Thompson; Agent Venom 1
Spider-Man Movies Keep Failing One Supporting Character

From the Raimi Trilogy to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, live-action Spider-Man films keep missing the full potential of Flash Thompson's character.

The cast of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 featuring Cosmo the Space Dog  1
10 Best Quotes From Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3

Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 3 was the final chapter for James Gunn's Guardians, and it included some extremely memorable quotes for the fans.

Spider-Man swings in the ending of Spider-Man: No Way Home. 1
Tom Holland's New Spider-Man Suit in No Way Home Explained

Marvel Studios Head of Visual Development, Ryan Meinerding, shares the story behind Tom Holland’s new red-and-blue suit in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Red Skull looking upset in the MCU. 1
Red Skull Rose to Power in the MCU Due to a Real Historical Event

The Red Skull was one of the scariest villains in the MCU because of his drive. But his rise to power came from an actual historical event.

Split Image: Kingpin (Vincent D'Onofrio); Marvel Comics gang war promo art 1
Marvel Comics' Next Big Crossover Event Is Perfect For The MCU

Marvel Comics is gearing up for an epic new crossover--which may just be perfect for the street-level heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Wong with Doctor Strange and Shang-Chi in the background. 1
Wong May Be Building His Own Team in the MCU

Wong has been making big moves in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But his biggest one could lead to some unlikely but powerful superhero teams.