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Fawzia is a journalist, photographer, and creative producer, with a love for pop culture, television, and cinema. Gossip Girl is her forever show, and she is pretty much in love with Taylor Swift. She has worked the photo desk at GQ Magazine and written for Elle Magazine, The Wire, CLAD, Times of India, and DSSC.

Split image of Ellen, Henry and Alex, and Zahra in Red white and royal Blue 1
10 Best Characters in Red, White and Royal Blue

Red, White and Royal Blue had some of the best characters that added drama and spice to Alex and Henry's love story.

Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender 1
10 Best TV Villain Redemption Arcs

These villains did an about-turn, shedding their evil motivations and becoming good people in shows like Game of Thrones and The Good Place.

Maddy from Euphoria, the titular Wednesday, and Serena from Gossip Girl split image. 1
10 Cringiest Tropes In Teen Shows

Even with successes like Wednesday, teen shows need to leave behind cringey tropes like backstabbing best friends and high school hierarchies.

Mike, Jessica, Angela, Edward and Bella in Twilight 1
10 Things Only Book Fans Know About Twilight

Twilight's epic love story between Edward and Bella enthralled fans, but there was much more to this universe that only book readers would know.

Janelle Monae, Emillia Clarke, hunter schafer, Emma Stone, Kristen Stewart in pink 1
10 Actresses Who'd Make Great Barbies in Potential Sequels

From Simone Ashley to Zendaya, these actresses would be picture-perfect Barbies in sequels of Greta Gerwig's movie.

Split image of Katherine, Stelena, Klaus, and Bonnie in The Vampire Diaries 1
10 Highest Rated The Vampire Diaries Episodes, According to IMDb

These The Vampire Diaries episodes were the very best, and their soaring IMDb ratings proved the fact.

Split image of Jack and Mel cuddling, and Doc and Hope walking together in Virgin River 1
10 Things to Remember Before Virgin River Season 5

Before Virgin River Season 5 descends on Netflix in September, here are the most important things for fans to remember about Season 4.

Split image of Damon and Elena, Klaus and Caroline, Stefan and Elena in The Vampire Diaries 1
10 Most Romantic Quotes in The Vampire Diaries

With couples like Klaus and Caroline and Stefan and Elena, The Vampire Diaries was full of passionate, charming, and romantic quotes that fans loved.

Barbie Movie Fun Facts 1
10 Barbie Movie Fun Facts You May Have Missed the First Time

The sparkly and pink Barbie movie was emotional, complex, and layered, and these fun facts prove how carefully Greta Gerwig created her magnum opus.

Sheldon in front of a Caution-taped door on the left, Chandler and Rachel in the middle, Game of Thrones dragon on the right 1
20 TV Plot Holes That Still Bother Fans

These plot holes did everything from forgetting a character's death to making twins of different ages. Most importantly, they annoyed fans.

Twilight, Jennifer's Body, Clueless, To All The Boys I've Loved Before 1
10 Great Teen Movies That Redefined The Genre

These teen movies revolutionized the genre with their refreshing plotlines, engaging characters, and great direction.

Split image of Doc, Jack, Mel and Muriel in Virgin River 1
10 Best Characters in Virgin River

Virgin River is full of warm, inviting, and nuanced characters like Mel and Jack who light up the show with their personalities.

Split image of the Cullens at the cafeteria table, and Edward and Bella in the woods in Twilight. 1
10 Perks of Watching Twilight Today

Edward and Bella's iconic love story might have taken the world by storm in 2008, but it's even better to watch in the modern day.

Split image of Hope and Doc, Mel and Jack, and Hope and Jack in Virgin River 1
10 Best Relationships in Virgin River

Love stories like Jack and Mel's take center stage in this show, but even friendships and familial bonds make Virgin River a wholesome show.

Split image of Damon and Elena, Klaus, Stefan and Elena, and Caroline in The Vampire Diaries 1
Every Season of The Vampire Diaries, Ranked According to Rotten Tomatoes

With an average score of 86%, The Vampire Diaries was a consistently great show. However, some seasons outshined others.

Split image of Sirius Black, James and Lily Potter, and Dumbledore from Harry Potter. 1
10 Order of the Phoenix Members Who Sacrificed the Most in Harry Potter

These Order of the Phoenix members sacrificed their families, their lives, and even their sanity to fight Lord Voldemort.

Dobby, Sirius in Azkaban and Lupin Werewolf form 1
10 Questionable Things in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was an enchanting one, but it had its fair share of questionable elements.

Perks of Being Wallflower, Boyz and the Hood and Booksmart 1
10 Most Realistic High School Movies

Movies like Eighth Grade and Lady Bird skip the glossy, Hollywood version of high school, and depict a more honest version, closest to real life.

Split images of Stefan and Elena hugging, posing, and kissing in the Vampire Diaries 1
10 Most Important Stefan and Elena Episodes in The Vampire Diaries

Stefan and Elena may not have been endgame, but they had some warm and heartfelt moments throughout The Vampire Diaries.

Kat and Patrick in 10 things I Hate About You, Cher in Clueless, and Olive in Easy A. 1
10 Teen Movies That Have Aged Well

Viewers can comfortably watch these teen movies today without feeling like they've stepped into a time machine. 

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