The much-anticipated adaptation of Red, White & Royal Blue has delighted fans of romantic comedies with its sweet but steamy moments and queer representation. A tale of self-discovery, political hurdles, and, most importantly, love, the Prime Video movie had a set of engrossing characters that added to the charm of the rom-com. Besides the charismatic leading pair, the supporting cast was also distinctive and fascinating in their own ways.

Naturally, some key players didn't make it to the movie, like Alex's sister June. Most others made the cut, and they were played to perfection by Uma Thruman, Sarah Shahi, and Stephen Fry. Every character had their own individual identity, and they contributed wonderfully to Alex and Henry's story as well.

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10 Amy

Amy in a plane reading in Red White and Royal Blue.

Red, White & Royal Blue could get very intense at times, but Amy provided some comic relief in the movie. She was in charge of Alex's safety as an agent of the Secret Service to the White House and one of the few people who facilitated Alex and Henry's budding closeness, albeit unknowingly. Her presence may have been short and sweet, but it was impactful in the romance movie.

It was clear that Amy was dedicated to her job. Her reaction to Alex asking her for help was to seek out the threat to neutralize them, and her stoic delivery elicited a chuckle from viewers. She was also discreet: there were no judgments about Alex and Henry's relationship, and seeing a woman ace a traditionally male-dominated job was refreshing.

9 Miguel Ramos

Miguel Ramos smirking, looking up at Alex in Red White and Royal Blue.

A new character in the film adaptation, Miguel Ramos, did not exist in the book. An overly ambitious political reporter, Miguel would do anything to break a good story, even if it meant being unethical about it. He also had a history with Alex, as he and the First Son had become intimate in the past.

In the absence of any real antagonists in Red, White & Royal Blue, Miguel was a silent villain. He understood the undercurrents in Alex and Henry's interactions and in an act of revenge, leaked their private correspondence to each other. It was quite sad that he forced the men to come out, especially as a member of the LGBTQ+ community himself, but he showed the reality of human nature with his twisted arc in the Prime Video rom-com.

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8 Prince Philip

Prince Philip in Red White and Royal Blue at his wedding.

Red, White & Royal Blue began with the royal wedding of Prince Philip and Princess Martha, setting the tone for the story ahead. The heir to the throne and hugely pedantic, Philip was a traditionalist in every sense. As the first in line, he felt he could tell everyone how to live their lives, including his brother, who was technically the "spare."

He represented the core of the British Monarchy, built on ancient values that no longer stood the test of time. His haughty ways could be quite funny to watch, especially since they only showed how out of touch he was. Philip was also a clever Easter Egg to actual royals William and Kate, as the,y too, had to remove a door from the hinges in Buckingham Palace to get their wedding cake in.

7 Princess Bea

Ellie Bamber as Princess Bea and Nicholas Galitzine as Prince Henry take a garden stroll in Red White and Royal Blue

In the whole of Buckingham Palace, Princess Bea was the only one who took any time to get to know her brother. In the books, she struggled with drug addiction, but that arc did not make it to the movie to focus more on the LGBTQ+ romance. Still, Bea was unwavering in her support for her brother, even when the King and Prince Philip themselves opposed him and his sexuality.

They spent a lot of time talking about Henry's feelings and his dilemma about his identity, and Bea was patient and caring through it all. She was the only person who could understand the intense scrutiny that Henry felt because she had lived it herself. Book fans would know how Bea herself almost folded under the pressure of a parent's death and fame that she hadn't asked for.

6 Nora Holleran

Nora, Percy, Henry and Alex party in Red White and Royal Blue

Alex's best friend and confidante, Nora, was a free-spirited and opinionated young woman. The granddaughter of the Vice President, Nora, was like family to the Claremont-Diazs, and especially close to Alex. She was one of the few people he confided in about his sexuality and especially his affection for Prince Henry.

Nora was a safe space for Alex, and she even added some fun to the movie with her minor arc with Percy. Her dynamic with Alex went beyond friendship: they were more like siblings. This made sense, too, because Alex's sister June (in the books) did not end up in the movie adaptation.

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5 Oscar Diaz

Oscar Diaz smiles in Red White and Royal bloe

Congressman Oscar Diaz was central to the inclusivity of the movie. He added layers to Red, White & Royal Blue because he highlighted the visibility of Latinos in North America and how his role as the First Gentleman helped his community go forward by miles. Beyond his politics, Oscar was also a loving father who believed in being there for his son, no matter what.

He had worked hard towards gender-neutral bathrooms and represented the best values in his wife's government. Oscar's relationship with Alex was like a friend, and they shared some heartwarming father-son moments, especially when they vacationed at the family home. He was also a great partner to Ellen and not hesitant to play second fiddle to his powerful wife.

4 Zahra Bankston

Zahra smiles in Red White and Royal Blue

The Deputy Chief of Staff for President Ellen Claremont, Sarah Shahi's Zahra Bankston, stole the show with her hilarious role. Professional, no-nonsense, and razor-sharp, Zahra worked hard to keep the President's image and her policies trouble-free, but Alex could get in her way sometimes. Her reaction to catching Henry in Alex's room was uproarious and easily one of the best scenes in the movie.

Whether it was fixing Cake Gate or keeping Alex and Henry's relationship discreet, Zahra could do it all. Her immense vocabulary of British puns was quite astonishing when she had to make Henry leave Alex's room quietly, as was the fact that she was secretly dating Shaan, Henry's equerry.

3 President Ellen Claremont

Taylor Zakhar Perez as Alex-Claremont Diaz, Uma Thurman as President Ellen Claremont, and Clifton Collins JR as Congressman Oscar Diaz take a family photo together in Red White and Royal Blue

Uma Thurman brought President Ellen Claremont to life with aplomb, nailing the Southern drawl and patient authority with ease. President Claremont was a busy woman who engaged more with affairs of the state than her own child but slipped in a pizza dinner when she could with him. She may have been absent a lot, but she made up for it with the love and care she gave Alex when he needed it.

One of the most heartwarming moments in the movie was when Ellen sat with Alex in her arms and openly discussed the precautions he should take in his sexual relationships. She treated him like an equal and respected his feelings instead of dismissing them. Ellen was as powerful and charismatic as she was warm and affectionate.

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2 Alex Claremont-Diaz

Taylor Zakhar Perez and Alex Claremont Diaz in Red White and Royal Blue giving a speech at a podium in the White House

One half of the beloved main couple in Red, White & Royal Blue, Alex was a charming young man who listened to his inner voice. The law student was always eager to do more instead of just being someone who kept up an image for his mother's government. His confidence was remarkable (especially after Cake Gate), but his ability to take things in his stride made him very affable.

Alex knew early on that his attraction to Henry was more than lust, and he went above and beyond to show it, even flying for hours to be there for him. He was a lovely partner who showed patience and grace while Henry worked through his familial issues. His journey of self-discovery and love was a delight to watch because of how open Alex was to life's many twists and turns.

1 Prince Henry

Red White and Royal Blue's Alex and Henry look at each other

Reticent Prince Henry was undoubtedly the best character of Red, White & Royal Blue. Being a part of the British Monarchy meant he had been in the public eye for his whole life. The weight of expectation was immense, and Henry couldn't ever be himself without causing a stir in the Palace.

He was forced to come out to the world and face opposition from the king, making his life even tougher. Still, Henry blossomed when he found love in Alex, showing a great amount of courage when he stood up to his own family and the world. He was also generous to a fault, secretly visiting a children's hospital to lift their spirits, which made him a true Prince of England's Hearts.