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Ms. Marvel embiggens her fist and Moon Knight swoops down in the name of the moon 1
10 Major Marvel Retcons (That No One Noticed)

Retcons are common in superhero comics, but many big changes flew under the radar and remained unnoticed by fans.

carol danvers flying directly at the viewer in her current suit on the cover of captain marvel dark tempest 1 1
Civil War’s Original Villain is Back to Kill Another Captain Marvel

In Captain Marvel: Dark Tempest, a powerful villain returns who played a vital role in starting the first Civil War and destroying a major hero.

Split image of Taskmaster, Uncle Ben and Captain Marvel feature 1
The Most Famous Mentors In Marvel Comics (& Where They Are Now)

Marvel's mentors, like Captain America and Spider-Man, pass on their knowledge so that a new generations of heroes and good samaritans can rise.

split image: classic Magneto, Immortal Hulk and House of X Xavier with new Cerebro helmet 1
10 Problematic Marvel Characters Saved By Great Writers

The best Marvel Comics writers, from Stan Lee to Jonathan Hickman, saved various problematic characters from the X-Men, Avengers, and beyond.

Iron Man vs Captain Marvel in Civil War 2 and modern Avengers comics 1
Captain Marvel Just Fixed a Massive Civil War II Mistake – But At What Cost?

Avengers #2 has a more earnest Captain Marvel making up for Civil War II, but her endearing actions could bring about another apocalypse.

ogdu fraize using his powers to vaporize the thing on the cover of clobberin time #3 1
Marvel's Next Multiversal Villain is About to Recreate Marvel’s Most Dangerous Reality

The Multiverse's next big bad, Ogdu Fraize, is reshaping the Marvel Universe, and he might just recreate the Cancerverse in the process.

the ultimate marvel universe's version of carol danvers in a suit and sunglasses operating a complex computer system 1
How the Ultimate Marvel Universe Turned Carol Danvers into an Absolute Failure

Carol Danvers might be one of the Multiverse's greatest heroes, but the Ultimate Marvel Universe's version of her was a total failure.

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10 Greatest Marvel Threats Captain Marvel Has Faced

Captain Marvel is a mainstay of Marvel Comics, battling significant threats from Thanos to Doctor Doom which pushed her to her limits.

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The Marvels Has a Chance to Showcase Carol Danvers' Major Character Flaw

The Marvels can give audiences a nuanced take on Carol Danvers and her relationship with Kamala Khan by adapting the former's biggest character flaws.

A split image of Civil War II, One More Day, and Civil War from Marvel Comics 1
10 Marvel Comics That Ruined Their Main Character

With stories like Secret Empire and One More Day, Marvel's developed a habit of ruining great heroes like Captain American and Spider-Man.

Captain Marvel battling Nitro on the cover of Captain Marvel: Dark Tempest #1. 1
Captain Marvel: Dark Tempest Sees Nitro Return to Torment Carol Danvers

The villain who kicked off Marvel's first Civil War is back, and this time Nitro is out to add another Captain Marvel to his long list of victims.

The cover of Captain Marvel: Dark Tempest #1, Captain Marvel flies ahead of a growing purple vortex, with the angry face of the villain Nitro visible. 1
REVIEW: Marvel's Captain Marvel: Dark Tempest #1

While Captain Marvel gets used to life as the leader of the Avengers, a new luddite threat is growing–along with a dangerous cosmic threat.

Wolverine And Captain Marvel' Comic Friendship 1
Wolverine And Captain Marvel's Comic Friendship Needs To Be In The MCU

Wolverine and Captain Marvel's friendship is a great element of both characters, and should make the leap to the MCU.

Captain Marvel Comic and MCU Carol Danvers 1
Kelly Thompson’s Captain Marvel Finale is a Love Letter to Carol Danvers

The finale to Kelly Thompson's epic Captain Marvel run is a love letter to Carol Danvers that sets her up for a brighter future than ever before.

Spider-Man mourns Ms. Marvel's death and Captain Marvel flies in comics 1
Marvel Sets Up Captain Marvel for a Tragedy That Could Destroy Her

Captain Marvel may be grieving the loss of Binary, but the loss of Ms. Marvel, seen in Amazing Spider-Man #26, may send her over the edge.

Captain Marvel Comic and MCU 1
Captain Marvel’s Biggest Fear is Becoming the Most Powerful Hero Alive

Carol Danvers has finally revealed her biggest fear, and it has everything to do with Captain Marvel being the Marvel Universe's strongest superhero.

Stephen Segovia cover art for Captain Marvel #1. 1
Captain Marvel Gets a New Costume for Her Upcoming Series

Captain Marvel's upcoming run comes with an equally exciting new costume.

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Captain Marvel's New Costume Reflects a Much Deeper Transformation

A look into Groot's past just revealed the hidden meaning behind the original Captain Marvel's transformation and how it changed him for the better.

A split image of Captain America (Vol. 3) #1, Squadron Supreme, and X-Men: The Hunt For Xavier from Marvel Comics 1
10 Best Marvel Stories No One Talks About

Marvel is immensely popular thanks to their big comic events and the MCU, but there are plenty of great books that no one ever seems to talk about.

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Across the Spider-Verse's Spider-Woman Has a Close Connection With an MCU Hero

Across the Spider-Verse's Spider-Woman has a close and endearing connection to a major MCU hero that could be carried over to the big screen.