DC's villains often have to contend with some of the most powerful heroes in the universe. As a result, many of them have come to depend on suits of armor to protect them from their rivals. Many of these suits have special enhancements added in, from rocket packs to energy canons and other specialized technology. These suits can take mortal men and give them the strength and power of gods.

DC loves a good suit of armor on a character, and the villains have some of the best. Many of these foes are clad head to toe in protective casings that shield them from a range of threats, both heroes and adversarial villains. For some, these suits of armor seem to be more cosmetic or status symbols, while others have come to depend on their armor just to survive. Some of the toughest villains in the DCU wear these suits.

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10 Mister Freeze

DC Comics' Mister Freeze standing triumphant surrounded by frozen cops.

Victor Fries is perhaps the DCU's single most tragic and sympathetic villain, thanks to his reimagining in the DCAU's Batman: the Animated Series. The villain is cast as the grieving husband of a terminally ill wife, who he keeps frozen until he can find a cure for her sickness.

In order to do this, Freeze donned his suit of armor that incorporates his cryogenic technology to help him steal to fund his research, while also protecting him from the elements. Always in poor health, Freeze cannot survive for long without his suit and must regulate a low, sub-zero body temperature with it.

9 Superboy-Prime

Superboy-Prime flying in Dark Nights: Death Metal The Secret Origin in DC Comics

Superboy-Prime began his life as a fictional hero within the DC multiverse; even within DC, he was simply a comic book character. After Crisis On Infinite Earths destroyed his home of Earth-Prime, however, he was moved into a pocket dimension where he spent his days.

Superboy Prime's morals began to fade, and he convinced himself that his homeworld was the only one worthy of existence. He believes his home world is the only one that matters, and sees himself as the sole, true Superboy. With a suit of armor that enhances his solar-based powers, he is driven by envy and a view that Earth's superheroes act like villains.

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8 Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor wearing his warsuit in front of Superman family in DC Comics

Even as a mortal man, Lex Luthor is already one of the most resourceful and formidable foes in the DCU. The villain shares all the willpower, intelligence, and resources of Bruce Wayne, yet has committed himself to ridding the world of Superman. He also sees himself as Earth's rightful leader.

In order to face Superman directly, Lex Luthor has created a series of suits of armor, from giant-sized mech suits to his signature exo suit of armor. When infused with kryptonite, these suits of armor and their energy blasts and flight capabilities allow the villain to stand toe-to-toe with the Man of Steel. He even crafted his own Superman suit of armor after his turn to the side of good.

7 The Manhunters

The Manhunters with Green Lantern power batteries in DC Comics

The cybernetic villains who preceded the Green Lantern Corps, the Manhunters once patrolled the universe to keep the peace on behalf of the Guardians of Oa. However, after they broke free of the rigid programming intended for them, they started to act as they saw fit, enforcing their own vision of peace and order.

The Manhunters are one of the many forces who present a threat to the Green Lanterns, alongside the likes of the Sinestro Corps and Red Lantern Corps. The robotic villains are entirely cased in armor, which protects their circuitry and makes them all the more formidable for the heroes.

6 Ares

Ares wearing his suit of armor and raising his fist in DC Comics.

The Old God foe of Wonder Woman, Ares is the mythical God of War. With Diana Prince dedicated to bringing about peace, Ares is her perfect adversary. Not only does he represent the perfect opposite of the hero, but his continued existence is also part of why she must remain a warrior.

Ares has perhaps the single most intimidating and fearsome suit of armor in the DCU; he fights covered head to toe in a spiked, ancient suit of metal. His helmet also grants the wearer his powers, as was shown in the Dark Multiverse where an evil Bruce Wayne wore it and became the new God of War.

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5 Mongul

Mongul holds Superman's cape in DC's Action Comics

The tyrannical ruler of Warworld, Mongul is the name of a line of villains, each of whom had to kill for their position. On his world, the villain enslaves entire civilizations around the world and forces them to compete in the gladiatorial games that define his world.

Mongul, much like Darkseid, is almost entirely encased in a strong suit of armor, perfectly befitting the ruler of a planet of gladiators. It also adds a layer of protection from his subjects, whether they're trying to assassinate him or kill him in the pits. With integrated technological controls, the suit of armor has been passed down through Mongul's line.

4 Zod

Superman villain General Zod looking imposing with a lightning background.

Zod is, in many ways, Superman's perfect equal. He began his villainous career as the general of Krypton's armies and attempted to stage a coup of the planet's government and install himself as dictator. Different stories attribute different motives to him, some writing him as basically a Stalinist dictator, others as simply trying to save Krypton.

Zod's aspirations as a dictator are clear in his quest to restore his world at all costs. The villain travels the universe in his traditional Kryptonian military armor, with his house crest on his chest just as Superman wears the crest of the House of El on his. The armor gives him an advantage over Superman while also giving him a dark, imposing look.

3 Brainiac

Brainiac confronts Superman in DC Comics

Brainiac was created as an android programmed to acquire knowledge. However, rather than passively learning, he gained sentience and set out on a mission to accumulate all the knowledge in the universe. He does this by visiting worlds, taking a city as a sample of their culture, and then destroying said worlds to prevent the creation of knowledge he doesn't possess.

Brainiac wears a suit of armor that serves two purposes. On one hand, it protects his form from attacks, especially those of Superman. On the other, the suit — which seems to be integrated with his body — helps him connect to his ship and control his drones. His armor is a more modern part of his design but is incredibly welcome.

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2 Darkseid

Darkseid holds out a hand in front of an explosion in DC Comics.

Darkseid is the dictator of Apokolips, locked in a war with New Genesis and his rival, Highfather. The villain's New 52 origin story followed a planet of humanoid beings who ascended to godhood when imbued with energy from the Source. Beginning as a farmer named Uxas, Darkseid was born.

Darkseid wears a suit of armor that encases almost his entire body, with his Omega symbol displayed on his chest. The villain is incredibly strong, but his signature power is his Omega Beams, energy fired from his eyes that erase its targets from existence. He is obsessed with finding the Anti-Life Equation, which will give him the ability to remake — or unmake — existence as he sees fit.

1 The Anti-Monitor

The Anti-Monitor smashes through buildings in DC Comics

The Anti-Monitor was created when the extra-dimensional cosmic being known as the Overmonitor sent his emissary into the multiverse. This being split into two halves; the good Monitor and the evil Anti-Monitor. The latter then resolved to destroy the multiverse itself, aiming a cosmic canon at dimensions and destroying them.

The Anti-Monitor is almost pure energy contained within a giant suit of armor. He is dedicated to destroying life in the multiverse and unmaking reality itself. The villain's armor casing is both a strength and a vulnerability, as when it gets damaged, it weakens the villain.