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Josh Bell is a freelance writer and movie/TV critic based in Las Vegas. He's the former film editor of Las Vegas Weekly and has written about movies and pop culture for Vulture, Polygon, Inverse, Film Racket, Crooked Marquee and more. With comedian Jason Harris, he co-hosts the podcast Awesome Movie Year. Follow him on Twitter at @signalbleed and on Facebook at Josh Bell Hates Everything.

Marin Ireland conducts an examination in Birth/Rebirth 1
REVIEW: Birth/Rebirth Delivers an Effective Twist on the Frankenstein Story

Birth/Rebirth is a twisted story about motherhood, with two seemingly opposite protagonists who are both invested in a little girl's resurrection.

Emilia Clarke and Chiwetel Ejiofor go to counseling in The Pod Generation 1
REVIEW: The Pod Generation Squanders Its Intriguing Sci-Fi Concepts

Director Sophie Barthes offers a strikingly designed future world, but The Pod Generation's storytelling is never as compelling as its design sense.

Justin H. Min and Sherry Cola get into trouble in Shortcomings 1
REVIEW: Shortcomings Delivers a Satisfying Adaptation of Adrian Tomine's Comic

Director Randall Park's Shortcomings retains the acerbic wit of Adrian Tomine's graphic novel. Here's CBR's review.

Nicolas Cage and Joel Kinnaman share a moment in Sympathy for the Devil 1
REVIEW: A Fully Committed Nicolas Cage Carries Sympathy for the Devil

Even when Sympathy for the Devil's narrative falters, Nicolas Cage's enjoyably bonkers turn as a mysterious carjacker is always mesmerizing to watch.

Selena Gomez, Martin Short and Steve Martin as the crime-solving trio in Only Murders in the Building season 3 1
REVIEW: Only Murders in the Building's Third Season Brings Intrigue and Wit

Even when the plotting gets a bit dicey, Only Murders in the Building is so full of amusing, well-drawn characters that it's always entertaining.

Harley Quinn Season 4 1
REVIEW: Harley Quinn Remains Charming and Vulgar in Its Fourth Season

Harley Quinn's fourth season continues to deliver rewarding character development, clever world-building, and an appealing cast. Here's CBR's review.

Making a movie within a movie in Final Cut 1
REVIEW: Final Cut Offers a Redundant Remake of a Zombie Sensation

Final Cut director Michel Hazanavicius faithfully replicates the original movie's plot and characters, but the result is fairly bland.

Timothy Olyphant, Claire Danes and Dennis Quaid navigate a kidnapping in Full Circle 1
REVIEW: Steven Soderbergh Delivers a Complex Crime Thriller in Full Circle

Full Circle continually throws in new twists and reveals new bits of backstory, tightening the complex web of connections among the characters.

Lily LaTorre masks up in Run Rabbit Run 1
REVIEW: Netflix's Run Rabbit Run Is a Dull Exercise in Exploring Trauma Through Horror

The Australian psychological thriller Run Rabbit Run is all about trauma, but it doesn't offer any rewarding new approach to familiar themes.

Tina Fey and Jon Hamm have a conversation in Maggie Moore(s) 1
REVIEW: Maggie Moore(s) is a Scattered Crime Comedy, Carried By Jon Hamm

There's not much to the murder mystery in Maggie Moore(s), but star Jon Hamm carries the movie with his affable, charming screen presence.

Jharrel James gets big in I'm a Virgo 1
REVIEW: I'm a Virgo Delivers Delightfully Surreal Social Commentary

Boots Riley packs in a lot of political activism and magical-realist absurdity, making I'm a Virgo unwieldy but compelling. Here's CBR's Review.

Shannon Woodward and Maisie Richardson-Sellers get close in Jagged Mind 1
REVIEW: Hulu's Jagged Mind Creates Uneven Horror From Domestic Abuse

The blunt, obvious storytelling holds Jagged Mind back from being truly scary or affecting, but has some strong, sporadic moments.

Laya DeLeon Hayes flips the switch in The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster 1
REVIEW: The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster Creatively Updates Frankenstein

At its best, The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster uses its horror elements to highlight and expand on the social issues its characters face.

based on a true story ava nathan matt 1
REVIEW: Based on a True Story Offers a Weak Comedic Twist on True Crime

There's no mystery to solve on Peacock's Based on a True Story, just two terrible people desperately exploiting the victims of a psychopath.

Emily Tennant and Cassandra Naud are on a boat in Influencer 1
REVIEW: Shudder's Influencer Delivers Fascinating Twists

Director and co-writer Kurtis David Harder toys with the audience in a thrilling and clever way that makes Influencer fascinating to watch.

Margaret Qualley and Christopher Abbott in Sanctuary 1
REVIEW: Sanctuary Is a Fascinating, Brilliantly Acted Psychosexual Drama

Sanctuary plays with audience assumptions as it reveals the main characters' dynamic, continuing to defy expectations for its entire runtime.

Anna Cathcart as Kitty Song Covey gives a presentation in XO, Kitty 1
REVIEW: XO, Kitty Is a Cute, Fun Spin-Off of To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Netflix's XO, Kitty is appealing and fun, and the fast-paced half-hour episodes are easy to binge, with frequent enticing cliffhangers.

The cast of Mulligan on a boat 1
REVIEW: Tina Fey and Robert Carlock Successfully Move Into Animation With Mulligan

Mulligan isn't quite as funny as other Fey-Carlock shows, but it makes a promising start that could eventually land it alongside the duo's best work.

Jay Bucheral and Glenn Howerton on the poster for BlackBerry 1
REVIEW: BlackBerry Makes a True Tech Tale Into Weak Satire

BlackBerry director Matt Johnson strains to bring comedic absurdity to a fairly mundane -- if high-profile -- story of tech-industry implosion.

Anna Camp answers questions in From Black 1
REVIEW: From Black Offers a Dull, Plodding Take on a Familiar Horror Formula

From Black's story unfolds slowly and tediously, but the filmmakers don't fill the empty space with character development or atmosphere.

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