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When Dave Richards was a young boy his mother bought him several comics as a way of encouraging a love of reading. She was successful in her endeavor, but she also created a lifelong comics fan. In the early 2000s he began writing about comics for CBR shortly after earning his journalism degree from the University of Michigan’s Dearbon campus, and in 2005 he took over the site’s Marvel Comics beat and continues to write about their books to this day. He also frequently writes about horror and tabletop gaming. Follow him on Twitter @Dave_Richards and check out all his recent writing here https://linktr.ee/DaveRichards

predator versus wolverine #1 cover 1
Benjamin Percy Takes Two Icons on a Historic Hunt in Predator VS Wolverine

Benjamin Percy talks about Predator vs Wolverine; a four-issue crossover series that unfolds across multiple points in Logan's life.

X-force #43 cover 1
Krakoa May be Gone but Benjamin Percy’s X-Force Fights On

Benjamin Percy talks to CBR about Fall of X’s impact on X-Force and bringing the storyline he’s been building with Colossus and Mikhail to a head.

Miles Morales Spider-Man #10 Cover 1
Cody Ziglar Explores the Dangerous and Evolving Life of Miles Morales

In an interview with CBR, Cody Ziglar talks about Miles Morales’ new problems, new power, new storyline, new foe, and new neighborhood

Storm is ready to strike in battle in X-Men Red 1
Apocalyptic Threats Loom Large in Al Ewing’s X-Men Red

Al Ewing talks his Fall of X plans for X-Men Red where Arakko’s mutants will battle the forces of the tyrannical Genesis and her husband, Apocalypse

Charles Xavier and a decaying Sentinel in Marvel Comics 1
Survivors Battle for Krakoa’s Legacy in Kieron Gillen’s Immortal X-Men

Kieron Gillen talks to CBR about his plans for Immortal X-Men now that the Fall of X has begun and Krakoa’s Quiet Council is no more.

Avengers #4 cover 1
Earth’s Mightiest Spoilers: MacKay on the Battles for Earth’s Cities in Avengers #4

In an interview with CBR, Jed MacKay talks about the Avengers' struggles to save several Earth cities from the Ashen Combine.

Black Canary, Harley Quinn, Cassandra Cain, Big Barda and Zealot lead DC's new Birds of Prey team. 1
The Birds of Prey Soar Again in Kelly Thompson’s New Series

Kelly Thompson talks about her new Birds of Prey series which finds Black Canary assembling a new incarnation of the team for a dangerous mission.

The Devil That Wears My Face #1 cover 1
David Pepose Talks Demons and Dangers In The Devil That Wears My Face

David Pepose chats The Devil That Wears My Face; a tale that mixes elements of the films Face/Off and The Exorcist with 18th-century adventure tales.

Jed MacKay's Avengers 1
Earth’s Mightiest Spoilers: Jed MacKay Talks the Citykillers of Avengers #3

In the latest installment of CBR’s interview series Jed MacKay talks about the Avengers’ newest foes the cosmic Citykillers, the Ashen Combine.

Hackslash back to school 1 cover 1
Tim Seeley Hands Zoe Thorogood the Keys to the Hack/Slash Universe

In an interview with CBR, Tim Seeley talks about Eisner-winning Zoe Thorogood’s plans for Cassie and Vlad in this fall’s Hack/Slash: Back to School.

Madelyne Prior, Gambit, Havoc and Azazel on Dark X-men #1 cover 1
Steve Foxe Takes the X-Men on a Horrific New Adventure

Steve Foxe talks the nuanced cast of characters that comprise the Goblin Queen’s squad of Dark X-Men which forms in the aftermath of the Hellfire Gala

immortal thor #1 cover 1
Al Ewing Immortalizes Thor in an Epic New Ongoing Series

Al Ewing talks with CBR about Immortal Thor; a long-form epic fantasy that kicks off with a battle against ancient, elder gods.

The cull #1 cover 1
Kelly Thompson Unleashes The Cull on a Coastal Town

Kelly Thompson unpacks the monsters, mysteries, and traumatized teens that populate The Cull; her new creator-owned series with Mattia De Iullis.

Sam Wilson, Iron Man, and Thor on the cover of Avengers #2 1
Earth’s Mightiest Spoilers: Jed MacKay Breaks Down the Tribulations of Avengers #2

In the latest installment of CBR's reoccurring interview series, Jed MacKay talks the big heroics and looming apocalyptic dangers in Avengers #2.

alpha flight #1 cover 1
Former Comrades Clash in Ed Brisson’s Alpha Flight

Ed Brisson talks about his Alpha Flight mini-series where the events of Fall of X split the titular team into two warring factions.

an angry klingon on the cover of star trek day of blood 1
IDW’s Star Trek Writers Usher in an Interstellar Day of Blood

The writers of IDW’s Star Trek titles talk the upcoming Day of Blood crossover which pits their all-star casts against a vicious Klingon Cult.

Ratatosk's Cassie being pursued by something in the woods. 1
Ratatosk: DeArmitt Hunts Monsters and Missing Persons in New Kickstarter Project

Grant DeArmitt on his Kickstarter, Ratatosk, which blends the mystery of True Detective with the folk horror of films like Ritual and The Witch.

Moon Knight City of the Dead #1 cover 1
David Pepose Introduces a New Scarlet Scarab In Moon Knight: City of the Dead

David Pepose sends Marc Spector and a fan favorite MCU character into a mind-bending landscape in Moon Knight: City of the Dead.

Money Shot Comes Again #2 cover 1
Tim Seeley’s Money Shot Returns for More Sexy Satirical Sci-Fi

Tim Seeley talks about Money Shot Comes Again; a return to the satirical, sci-fi, sexploits of the scientists and pornstars known as the XXX-plorers.

Carol Danvers flies in front of other Marvel heroes on the cover of Captain Marvel #50 1
Kelly Thompson Looks Back At Five Years of Captain Marvel

Writer Kelly Thompson chats with CBR about bringing her almost five-year Captain Marvel run to an end and some of her favorite arcs from the series.

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