While The Wheel of Time Season 1 already introduced plenty of vile villains, star Rosamund Pike promises that Season 2 will deliver even more horrifying monsters.

Speaking with TVLine, the actor addressed what fans can expect from the next chapter of the Prime Video series, noting that the characters will need to contend with greater adversaries than ever before. "We know what the One Power is. We know who the Dragon Reborn is, and what that means for the world. We know what the forces of evil are in this world, we know about Trollocs and Fades, but we still have other villains to reveal, which I am excited to unveil when Season 2 launches," Pike explained. "And this time, our villains will not just be wordless. However frightening the Trollocs were, they can’t engage in verbal combat, and we have villains in this season who are terrifying in their cold-bloodedness."

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While a new threat will seemingly come to the fore, the Trollocs haven't been forgotten. A recent featurette for Season 2 placed a great deal of emphasis on the monsters and their savage tactics. "They’re programmed killing machines," Pike said about the human-animal hybrids who have been a staple of The Wheel of Time. Having debuted in Robert Jordan's first novel in the series, the creatures take the form of bears, boars and other natural predators, a look that is achieved with a mixture of both prosthetics and VFX.

The Wheel of Time Gets Grim

Pike isn't the only person to hype up the brutality of The Wheel of Time Season 2 as her co-star Marcus Rutherford described the next installment as more grim than fans may be expecting. "They've started to accept and have faith in the prophecy and their destiny, so there's more of a maturity to them," the actor said. "It's darker too, more real and a bit more brutal. The innocence of those kids we find in the village in Episode 1 is long gone, and they're becoming a bit more grown-up. I'm really excited for people to see it." Details on the story are scarce but Season 2 is confirmed to be adapting the second book in Jordan's series, The Great Hunt, as well as aspects of the third novel, The Dragon Reborn.

The Wheel of Time Season 2 is slated to premiere on Prime Video on Sept. 1. Season 1 is now available to stream in its entirety.

Source: TVLine