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George Voutiritsas is a writer, gamer, and lover of sports (Go Red Wings) and nerd culture. He currently lives in Montreal, Canada, and he writes for Valnet, Inc primarily for TheSportster, CBR, and GameRant. He has also contributed for TheRichest, and TheThings. If you wish to reach out to him to chat, or to offer any ideas, please follow him on Twitter at @Grimviper666

The Most Dangerous Zampakuto In Bleach 1
The 10 Most Dangerous Zanpakuto In Bleach, Ranked

Bleach's Zanpakuto are some of the deadliest weapons in all of anime, but some Zanpakuto are way more dangerous than others.

Naruto's Itachi Uchiha & some of the Jutsu That Can Beat Him 1
10 Naruto Jutsu Strong Enough To Beat Itachi Uchiha

Naruto's Itachi Uchiha may have been a child prodigy, but not even Itachi could stand up to jutsu like the Eight Gates or Kamui.

Some Of The Strongest Characters In Mortal Kombat 1
10 Strongest Mortal Kombat Characters, Ranked

The Mortal Kombat video game series has introduced a number of powerful Kombatants since it first debuted in the '90s. Here are the strongest.

Genryusai Yamamoto And Bleach Characters Who Can Beat Him 1
10 Bleach Characters Strong Enough To Beat Genryusai Yamamoto, Ranked

Genryusai Yamamoto, the founder of the Gotei 13, was considered the strongest Soul Reaper for centuries. Can any Bleach characters defeat him?

Kenpachi Zaraki & Bleach Characters Who Are Strong Enough To Beat Him 1
10 Bleach Characters Strong Enough To Beat Kenpachi Zaraki, Ranked

Kenpachi Zaraki has finally connected with his Zanpakuto, meaning he is stronger than ever. Can any Bleach characters defeat him?

Former Members Of Naruto's Akatsuki Preparing To Fight 1
Every Akatsuki Member In Naruto Ranked By Their Taijutsu Skill

In Naruto, all Akatsuki members could use taijutsu to some degree during battle, but certain members were more skilled with it than others.

Ichigo in his battle against Tsukishima on the bottom with Ichigo vs Tsukishima on the top 1
Bleach: Every Arc In The Anime, Ranked

Until Bleach's final chapter arrives, fans only have 11 arcs to fall back on, and some are better than others.

Yona of the Dawn, Sword Art Online & Inuyasha - Some of the Best Romance Action Anime 1
10 Best Romance Action Anime, Ranked

There's a lot of romance anime out there, but titles like Inuyasha and Yona of the Dawn are full of both romance and action.

Some Of The Most Dangerous Soul Reapers In Bleach 1
10 Most Dangerous Soul Reapers In Bleach

While some Soul Reapers are pleasant, others like Izuru and Mayuri are bloodthirsty and dangerously skilled with their Zanpakutō.

The 10 Best Bleach Villains and Their Birthdays 1
The 10 Best Bleach Villains & Their Birthdays

Bleach's most notorious villains are powerful, scary, and cool. These traits might have something to do with their birthdays.

The 10 Most Dangerous Sternritter In Bleach Ranked 1
The 10 Most Dangerous Sternritter In Bleach The Thousand-Year Blood War, Ranked

The Sternritter are the strongest members of Yhwach's Quincy army. Their unique powers make them the most dangerous characters in Bleach.

10 Bleach Characters Strong To Beat Ulquiorra Ranked 1
10 Bleach Characters Strong Enough To Beat Ulquiorra, Ranked

Ulquiorra is a powerful swordsman with exceptional spiritual power, and only a handful of Bleach characters are strong enough to defeat him.

The Best Fights Still To Come In Bleach The Thousand-Year Blood War 1
The 10 Best Upcoming Fights In Bleach The Thousand-Year Blood War Manga Readers Can't Wait For

Bleach's best fights from the TYBW are finally going to be animated, and manga readers can't wait.

One Piece Villains Who Do Not Deserve Redemption 1
10 One Piece Villains Who Don't Deserve Redemption

One Piece villains, like Charlos and Akainu, are so evil they don’t deserve a second chance.

Bleach Characters Strong Enough To Beat Ichigo Kurosaki 1
10 Bleach Characters Strong Enough To Beat Ichigo

Ichigo is a powerhouse who’s beaten some of the strongest characters in Bleach. Still, there are several Quincy who are strong enough to defeat him.

Ninja WHo Are Strong Enough Tp Beat The Third Hokage 1
10 Naruto Ninja Strong Enough To Beat The Third Hokage

Though the Third Hokage was a powerful and respected shinobi, there are several ninja in Naruto who could defeat him.

Marshall D. Teach, Garling Figarland and Monkey D. Luffy from manga and anime One Piece 1
10 One Piece Characters Who Can Beat Garling Figarland

Garling may be strong, but with abilities like Devil Fruits and Haki, several One Piece characters are capable of beating him.

Shira blocking an attack from Rock Lee and Sasame of anime Naruto 1
10 Anime-Only Naruto Characters Good Enough To Be Canon

Characters like Hanare and Miina may not be canon, but Naruto would have been way better if they were.

Leorio, Kurapika and Mereum from anime Hunter X Hunter 1
The Most Popular Characters In Hunter x Hunter (According to MyAnimeList)

From the young assassin Killua to the villainous ant king Merum, MyAnimeList has ranked the most popular Hunter x Hunter characters.

Sasori, Kabuto and Nagato from anime Naruto 1
10 Worst Naruto Villains Who Didn't Deserve Redemption

While some Naruto villains earned their redemption, others like Orochimaru and Kabuto didn't deserve a second chance.

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