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Naruto's Itachi Uchiha & some of the Jutsu That Can Beat Him 1
10 Naruto Jutsu Strong Enough To Beat Itachi Uchiha

Naruto's Itachi Uchiha may have been a child prodigy, but not even Itachi could stand up to jutsu like the Eight Gates or Kamui.

Tsugaru holds Aya's severed head in a birdcage in Undead Girl Murder Farce 1
Why Undead Girl Murder Farce is a Must See for fans of BBC's Sherlock

Undead Girl Murder Farce blends mystery, dark humor, and unique relationships, and is a must-see for fans of BBC's Sherlock.

A split image of Krillin, Yamcha, and Kami from Dragon Ball Z 1
10 Dragon Ball Characters That Changed The Most In DBZ

Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball is full of rich and rewarding characters, some of which don't truly change and evolve until sequel series, Dragon Ball Z!

Midoriya, All-Might and Mirko 1
The 10 Most Well-Animated Episodes Of My Hero Academia, Ranked

My Hero Academia saves its best animation for intense moments and epic battles.

Split image, Raeliana and Noah from Why Raeliana Ended Up at the Duke's Mansion, Anya and Yor in Spy x Family, and Bucket List of the Dead 1
10 New Anime That Blend Genres Perfectly

Modern anime like Spy x Family and Raven Of The Inner Palace have gotten creative by blending multiple genres to create something new.

Split image, Kunzite holding Zoisite in Sailor Moon, Guts and Casca in Berserk, and Sypha in a battle ready pose with Trevor in Castlevania 1
10 Best Anime Power Couples, Ranked

Battle couple fights side by side and take on any foe with the person they love much like Briareos & Deunan from Appleseed or Berserk's Guts & Casca.

Sonozoki Shion wide-eyed on the left and Light Yagami with the open Death Note in hand 1
20 Best Murder Mystery Anime, Ranked

Perfect for suspense fans and thrill seekers, the best mystery anime deliver shocking twist guaranteed to keep the viewers on the edge of their seats.

Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket; Catarina Claes from My Next Life as a Villainess; Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon.  1
10 Spaciest Anime Waifus

The spaciest anime waifus are gullible and lovable like Tohru from Fruits Basket, or quirky and cute like Sailor Moon's Usagi.

Haruko on Vespa in FLCL, Asuka, Shinji, & Rei of Neon Genesis Evangelion posing, and One Piece ship. 1
30 Best Anime Of All Time

While anime quality can be subjective, most fans agree that the likes of FLCL, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and One Piece rank among the best.

Pastry and Licorice from the isekai anime Sweet Reincarnation 1
The Big Question Fans Are Asking About Sweet Reincarnation

Sweet Reincarnation is a fun isekai adventure that is missing one thing – sweets.

An image collage of Mash pulling back his sleeves and Takemichi leading Tokyo Manji  1
10 Biggest Anime Letdowns Of 2023 That Can Still Redeem Themselves

Some of 2023's anime turned out to be unfortunate disappointments. Luckily, there are plenty of ways for them to bounce back and redeem themselves.

Manga art of Kawaki in the foreground with Naruto in the background. 1
Boruto Would Be Making a Huge Mistake Keeping Naruto Alive

The Boruto franchise has kept it vague regarding if Kawaki really does kill Naruto down the line, but if the Hokage lives, it'd be a massive mistake.

anime merchandise to collect 1
10 Types Of Anime Merchandise To Collect (That Aren't Figures)

Everyone knows that anime fans love collecting figurines for display, but there are also goodies like wall scrolls and art books to consider, too.

Madoka Magica collage of an evil-looking Homura to the left while Ultimate Madoka and Homura sit back-to-back on the right. 1
Was Rebellion Really The Best Ending For Madoka Magica?

Madoka Magica Rebellion is the perfect ending for the anime series—but only if Madoka Kaname isn't considered the protagonist.

Marin and Wakana in My Dress-Up Darling;  1
Can Anime Fan Service Actually Be Done Right?

Fan service tends to be cheap and gratuitous in anime, with many notorious examples. But there are still positive ways to do this.

Split image, Trevor Belmont smirking in Castlevania, Shippo being held by the tale in InuYasha, and Futaba looking fed up in My Senpai Is Annoying. 1
10 Feistiest Anime Characters, Ranked

Anime characters like Inuyasha's Shippo and Pokémon's Ash Ketchum never know when to hush up. They're unafraid to voice their opinion or even fight.

One Piece's Enies Lobby Floating Over a Chasm in the Ocean 1
Did One Piece Just Reveal the Secret of Enies Lobby?

Enies Lobby is back at the forefront in One Piece fans' minds as the chasm it's built atop suggests a dark World Government secret.

Revolutionary girl Utena, Mushishi and Ghost in the shell 1
10 Cult Classic Anime Series Every Anime Fan Should Watch

Several cult classic anime series are beloved by many fans and are deemed must-watch material, from Mawaru Penguindrum to Mushishi.

Mitsuri from Demon Slayer, You from K-On, and Rin from Free 1
10 Biggest Double Standards In Anime

Double standards are awfully prevalent in anime, from female-on-male violence to exploiting strong female characters for fan service.

haikyu film poster 1
Everything to Know About Haikyu!! Before the Finale

Fans are excitedly anticipating the two-film continuation of Haikyu!!, and there are some things viewers should keep in mind before the release.