Superman is comics' greatest icon. Superman inspired every superhero that came after him in some way and has success in pretty much every medium he's ever been in. However, one place where Superman hasn't been as present is the video game industry. Superman has starred in video games, but few of them are fondly remembered or well reviewed. Most comic fans have never played a good Superman game, which is a tragedy.

There are multiple reasons for this, but video games have changed a lot in recent decades. A Superman game was harder to make back in the day, but technology and gameplay have caught up. It would take a special developer to make a great Superman game, and luckily they have many great comics to choose from if they wanted to adapt one.

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10 All-Star Superman

By Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely, Jamie Grant, and Phil Balsman

Clark Kent wears his Superman suit in DC Comics' All-Star Superman series.

All-Star Superman is a perfect gateway comic. The story of Superman learning he's dying and going on twelve legendary labors, All-Star Superman borrows from every era of Superman to tell a story that works for every fan of the Man of Steel. On the surface, it doesn't seem like the best story to adapt for a video game, but looks are deceiving.

All-Star Superman is about more than beating people up, which is why it would make such a great video game. Superhero video games don't have to just be slugfests, and an All-Star Superman game would allow players to use all of Superman's powers and abilities. It would challenge players in ways they have never been challenged before, while presenting a rich story that grips players from the get-go.

9 Superman And The Legion Of Superheroes

By Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, Jon Sibal, Dave McCaig, and Rob Leigh

Superman and the Legion Of Superheroes by Gary Frank

Superman and the Legion of Superheroes was a blockbuster. The story depicted Superman getting pulled into the 31st century by his friends in the Legion of Superheroes, but things aren't as he remembers them from his Legion days. For one thing, Earth's sun is now red, taking away Clark Kent's powers, but humanity is also no longer a part of the United Planets and the Legion are criminals — hunted by Earth Man and his Justice League of Earth.

This game would start out with Superman without his powers. It would force players to figure out ways to defeat enemies without Superman's myriad abilities, as well as trying to unravel the mysteries of what's happened to the future. Throw in Legion members for Superman to work with, and a Superman and the Legion of Superheroes game would give players a great time.

8 Last Son Of Krypton

By Geoff Johns, Richard Donner, Adam Kubert, Dave Stewart, and Rob Leigh

An image of the Superman Last Son Of Krypton cover

General Zod is counted among Superman's greatest foes, so a game starring him would be excellent. There are a lot of Zod stories to choose from, but the best one is easily Superman: Last Son of Krypton. The story starts with Superman finding a Kryptonian boy, before being attacked by Bizarro. However, the trouble really starts when General Zod, Ursa, and Non show up, beat Superman, and throw him in the Phantom Zone.

A Superman: Last Son of Krypton game would be more of a brawler, as Superman finds himself in battle with Bizarro, Zod, Ursa, Non, and the Phantom Zone Kryptonians. Several levels could be set in the Phantom Zone, featuring a cameo from Mon-El, before Superman breaks free and asks Lex Luthor for help defeating the Zod's Kryptonian army. It's the kind of action-packed epic that a Superman game deserves to be.

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7 Superman: Beyond 3-D

By Grant Morrison, Doug Mahnke, Christian Alamy, Rodney Ramos, Tom Nguyen, Walden Wong, David Baron, and Steve Wands

Superman using his heat vision

Superman: Beyond 3-D is a Final Crisis tie-in, but it also works as a standalone story. After Lois Lane gets injured in an explosion, the Monitor Zillo Valla comes and offers Superman a way to get an elixir that will cure his wife. Superman must join the crew of Zillo Valla's Bleedship the Ultima Thule, alongside Captain Marvel, Captain Adam, and Ultraman, on their journey into the Multiverse to stop the ultimate threat.

Superman: Beyond 3-D is pretty easy to divorce from Final Crisis and would take players into worlds they've never imagined before. From graveyard Earths to Limbo itself, players would have to battle a mysterious enemy, as well as deal with Ultraman's evil. It would be a mind-blowing game, doing this incredible comic justice.

6 Superman: Up In The Sky

By Tom King, Andy Kubert, Sandra Hope, Brad Anderson, and Clayton Cowles

DC Comics' Superman about to land a punch

Writer Tom King is DC's go-to scribe. Best known for his work on Batman and various C-list heroes in brilliant twelve issue miniseries, King got his chance to do a Superman series with Superman: Up In The Sky. After a young girl is kidnapped and taken into space, Superman makes it his mission to save her — traveling through the universe and overcoming great odds to win.

Up In The Sky takes Superman from a boxing match against an alien named Mighto to asking Darkseid for help and racing the Flash in a great flashback moment. There are a lot of directions this game can go, ending the game with Superman's epic battle against the Robotiens. It's a near perfect Superman story and would make a near perfect video game.

5 Kingdom Come

By Mark Waid, Alex Ross, and Todd Klein

Superman leading the Justice League in comic book art for Kingdom Come.

Kingdom Come is an DC Elseworlds legend. Taking place in an alternate future where the older generation of superheroes retired, led by Superman, and were replaced by a more violent brood led by Superman's replacement Magog. When Kansas is destroyed in a superhero battle against the Parasite, Superman comes out of retirement, gathers a new Justice League, and moves to set things right. However, shadowy forces have other plans for the metahuman community and the world.

Kingdom Come is technically a DC Universe story, but Superman is the focus. A Kingdom Come game would center on Superman, as he and his new Justice League take on the violent "heroes" of the future. The final battle in the Gulag, pitting Superman against Captain Marvel, would blow players away.

4 Action Comics: Path Of Doom

By Dan Jurgens, Patrick Zircher, Tyler Kirkham, Stephen Segovia, and Rob Leigh

Superman standing in front of Doomsday and Lex Luthor

Action Comics: Path of Doom is impressive. The story showcased the return of the pre-Flashpoint Superman and immediately threw him into battle against the only enemy he was truly scared of: Doomsday. During the epic battle, Superman receives assistance from Wonder Woman and a suddenly heroic Lex Luthor wearing Apokoliptian Superman armor.

This game would take players around Metropolis as they found themselves battling Doomsday, saving the innocent, and trying to figure out a way to win. There's only one enemy in the whole story, which means the game would want to include some other bosses to the game. Alternatively, Path of Doom could experiment with standard practices by focusing one long, tantalizing fight.

3 Final Crisis: Legion Of Three Worlds

By Geoff Johns, George Pérez, Scott Koblish, Hi-Fi Design, and Nick J. Napolitano

Superman pointing the way forward for the three Legions

Superman's Final Crisis tie-ins don't actually have a lot to do with that event, which makes them great for games. Legion of Three Worlds sees Superman pulled to the 31st century again when Superboy-Prime shows up and takes leadership of the Legion of Supervillains. Superman has to help the Legion battle them, but they need even more help, and the Legions of two other Earths join them in their battle.

The Legion of Superheroes is comics' biggest team, as are their foes in the Legion of Supervillains. There are so many enemies to fight and heroes to team up with. Developers have a lot to work with, and the Legion of Three Worlds game can either keep players as Superman, or let them play as a member of the three Legions or the two heroes who were brought back in the story, like Superboy and Impulse.

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2 Warworld Saga

By Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Daniel Sampere, Riccardo Federici, Fico Ossio, Miguel Mendonça, Dale Eaglesham, Will Conrad, Brent Peeples, and Dave Sharpe

Superman in gladitorial armor in DC Comics' Warworld Saga

"Warworld Saga" was 2022's best Superman story. With his power on the wane and teamed with his own Authority, Superman goes to Warworld to destroy Mongul. However, Mongul is ready for him and decimates Superman and his team. Superman is made into a gladiator in Warworld's arena and foments a rebellion, helping the people of Warworld finally rise up against Mongul.

"Warworld Saga" was an action epic, which would make it a fantastic addition to DC's video game library. There are multiple characters to choose from, great action set pieces, and a near unstoppable final boss. This game would have it all.

1 Superman And The Authority

By Grant Morrison, Mikel Janin, Fico Ossio, Travel Foreman, Evan Cagle, Alex Sinclair, and Steve Wands

An older Superman studies villains in DC Comics

Superman and The Authority is a modern masterpiece. The last major Grant Morrison DC story, a weakening Superman brings together a new Authority, and they're immediately embroiled in a battle against two of Superman's worst enemies — the Ultra-Humanite and Brainiac. It's an excellent story and would make an even better game.

A Superman and The Authority game would start out with Superman fighting to bring the team together, before they have to work together against the Elite. After that, players would find themselves up against the game's two main bosses. Playing as a weakened Superman would challenge players in wonderful ways, and it would prove equally exciting to play as members of The Authority.