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Split image Tom Hardy in Warrior, Mr Miyagi and Daniel Laruso, Brad Pitt in Moneyball 1
The 10 Best Sports Movies of All Time

In movies as in real life, sports represent the peak of human achievement. The genre of cinema has some truly inspirational stories.

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10 Non-Marvel And DC Superhero Movies That Redefined The Genre

The superhero genre was built on a standard formula of the hero's journey. However, some films have reinvented just what makes a superhero film.

3 way split of Darkseid from New Gods, Superman from Warworld Saga, and Batman from Dark Knights of Steel (1) 1
10 DC Comics That Would Make Great Fantasy Movies

Becoming the perfect foundation for fantasy movies, DC comics like Dark Knights of Steel place a clever spin on the genre.

Split image Mongul, Zod and Manhunters in DC Comics 1
10 Most Powerful Armored Villains In DC Comics

DC Comics has a long tradition of armoring villains to boost their power, from Mister Freeze to Darkseid, making them notable icons of evil.

Adrian Brody in Thin Red Line, George C Scott as Patton, Andrew Garfield as Desmond Doss in Hacksaw Ridge 1
10 Greatest World War II Movies Ever Made

For decades, the Second World War has served as the go-to inspiration for war movies. Some of cinema's greatest films were made this way.

Split image of The Question, Batman, and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) 1
10 DC Comics That Would Make Great Mystery Movies

Packed with twists and turns, DC Comics like Batman: The Detective or Reign of the Supermen are begging for a mystery movie adaptation.

winter soldier and mcu villains 1
DC and Marvel Have Iconic Villains - But Aren't Getting Their Due in Movies

Despite pulling from the richest worlds of comics, some superhero movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DCU struggle with its villains.

Split image Nightshade, John Cena Peacemaker, DCU Blue Beetle 1
Every Charlton Comics Character DC Updated

Following its purchase by DC, several Charlton heroes have been given an update into the superhero universe, from Sarge Steel to Question.

Split image Kamandi, Hawkman and Hawkwoman, Damage from DC Comics 1
10 DC Comics That Would Make Great Adventure Movies

DC's greatest characters have ventured across America, time, space, and the multiverse itself, and these comics would make exciting adventure movies.

Christian Bale as Batman and Heath Ledger as the Joker in The Dark Knight 1
Why Does Batman Keep Letting The Joker Live?

The Clown Prince of Crime has long been the most destructive force in Gotham—so why does Batman keep letting the villain live?

Split image giant boar in woods, Critters poster, killer rabbit in Night of the Lepus 1
10 Monster Movies That Are So Bad They're Good

Monster movies represent the very best and worst the horror genre has to offer. Some are so bad they're great.

Split image Ben Affleck Hollywoodland, Sam Neill Sir, Hugo Weaving Hacksaw Ridge 1
10 Underrated Movie Performances From Great Actors

Even in the greatest of films, its easy for the performances of exceptional actors to go overlooked.

Split image Steel John Henry Irons, Pat Dugan STRIPE Suit, Batman armor 1
DC's 10 Most Powerful Armored Heroes

DC heroes like Cyborg and Batman have often been known to wear powerful suits of armor to battle some of the toughest villains.

The crew of the Louis and Clark in Event Horizon, Nicolas Cage in Color out of Space, Robert Pattinson in Lighthouse 1
10 Greatest Cosmic Horror Movies of All Time

Since the days of H.P. Lovecraft, cosmic horror has been a source for some of the scariest stories to appear on film.

Marvel-Cinematic-Universe 1
The MCU Thrives on Humor - But It May Be Taking It Too Far

The MCU has cultivated a signature style of comedy across multiple films and TV shows, though there have been times when it didn't benefit the story.

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10 Most Mysterious DC Heroes, Ranked

Since its origins in 1938, DC Comics has told the story of many heroes shrouded in mystery, from Mister Miracle to Phantom Stranger.

Split image Khalid Nassour Doctor Fate, Jace Fox Batman, Guy Gardner Green Lantern 1
10 DC Legacy Heroes Who Don't Make Sense (And Why)

DC Comics has done a great job of passing down heroic mantles. However, some just don't make sense, like Jace Fox as Batman.

Split image Swamp Thing, Cyborg, Aquaman 1
10 DC Heroes Who Could Destroy The World If They Wanted To

The DCU is full of villains who threaten the world as we know it, but heroes like Cyborg or Aquaman could easily destroy the world if they wanted to.

Split image Sinestro, Bane, Mongul 1
10 Most Ambitious DC Villains of All Time, Ranked

A good supervillain is only as effective as their ambition. While the Prankster just wants to embarrass Superman, Darkseid wants to conquer reality.

Split image of Image Comics She-Spawn, Transformers Optimus Prime and Predator 1
10 Franchises The Justice League Should Meet After The MonsterVerse

With the Justice League set to face off against Godzilla and King Kong, crossovers with franchises like Pacific Rim and Alien feel more viable.

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