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Unpopular Gilmore Girls Opinions graphic featuring Sookie, Marty, and Rory. 1
10 Unpopular Gilmore Girls Opinions That Make Good Points

Some Gilmore Girls fans have shared unpopular opinions that make fascinating, well-supported points.

Glenn, Negan, and Alpha in The Walking Dead.  1
10 Unpopular Walking Dead Opinions That Make Good Points

Among the widely accepted beliefs of The Walking Dead, there are some interesting unpopular opinions that make good points.

Emhyr, Mistle, and Radovid in The Witcher. 1
10 The Witcher Characters That Need More Screen Time in Season 4

The Witcher has a great diverse cast of characters and some of them need to get more screen time in the Season 4 plotline.

Sansa Stark becomes queen of the north in Game of Thrones 1
10 Unpopular Game of Thrones Opinions That Make Good Points

Game of Thrones is still a very controversial show, but these unpopular opinions from fans make some excellent points.

Ciri, Geralt, and Yennefer in The Witcher Season 3.  1
10 Questions The Witcher Needs to Answer in Season 4

Season 3 of The Witcher ended with many twists, leaving the audience with some questions that need answering in Season 4.

Lorelai And Rory sitting under the gazebo in Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life. 1
Sorry, Gilmore Girls Fans - Rory's Character Development Made Perfect Sense

Rory's arc in Gilmore Girls is an unpopular aspect of the show, but one that made perfect sense in comparison to the arc of her mother.

John Wick, The Northman, and Carrie.  1
10 Best Revenge Plots in Movies, Ranked

From the modern action movie hit of John Wick to the '90s Western gem of Unforgiven, there are some outstanding revenge plots in movies.

Starr from The Hate U Give, Simon from Love, Simon, and Katniss from The Hunger Games.  1
The Best Teen Movies Based on Books

The Fault in Our Stars, The Hunger Games, and The Outsiders are some of the most influential teen storylines adapted from great young adult novels.

Ben, Ross, and Janice from Friends.  1
10 Unpopular Friends Opinions That Make Good Points

Some unpopular opinions viewers have on Friends offer a fresh perspective on the show and make some interesting points in the process.

Tiffany in Bride of Chucky, Jason Voorhees, and Big Daddy baring his teeth in Land of the Dead.  1
10 Horror Sequels That Defied Ratings to Become Cult Classics

Despite poor ratings based on critical reviews, horror sequels such as Bride of Chucky, Jason X, and Halloween: H20 have become cult classics.

Ciri in Season 3 The Witcher holding a sword.  1
Focusing on Ciri Can Save The Witcher From Its Recast Controversy

The recast of The Witcher will result in lost viewers, but the show still has potential if the Season 4 plotline focuses on Ciri.

Netflix's River Wild and River Wild 1994 1
Why Netflix's River Wild Shouldn't Be Compared to the 1994 Classic

Netflix's River Wild is loosely based on 1994's The River Wild, but it shouldn't be critiqued by comparing the two different plotlines.

Seok-woo in Train to Busan,  Andy in Cargo, and Emily in The Corpse Bride.  1
10 Unusual Zombie Movies to Watch Between Walking Dead Shows

The break between different Walking Dead shows is an opportunity for fans to explore unusual zombie movies, like Train to Busan and ParaNorman.

Wind River, Nocturnal Animals And Take Shelter 1
10 Underrated Thriller Movies That Deserve More Hype

From modern gems like Wind River and Nocturnal Animals to forgotten greats like Frailty, there are some thriller movies that deserve more hype.

Merle, Amy, and Milton as zombies in The Walking Dead 1
10 Walking Dead Characters That Became Walkers (& How It Changed the Show)

In The Walking Dead, characters reanimating into walkers after their demise, such as Merle and Sasha, made a meaningful impact on the series.

Merle, Carol, and Judith in The Walking Dead.  1
10 Characters That Influenced Daryl's Arc in The Walking Dead

There have been many influences on Daryl's character in The Walking Dead, from his older brother Merle to his unique bond with Carol and Rick.

Lauren Cohan screaming as Maggie in The Walking Dead: Dead City 1
Sexism Lurks in Dead City - And Season 2 Has to Change That

Dead City Season 2 can correct the sexism surrounding Maggie's development since TWD by giving her agency not tied to a male counterpart.

The Walking Dead's Daryl Dixon sitting in the back of a truck with his crossbow. 1
One of The Walking Dead's Best Decisions Had Nothing to Do With the Comics

One of The Walking Dead's best decisions involved creating a beloved character that never appeared in the comic book source material.

Best Stand-Alone Fantasy Movies 1
10 Best Stand-Alone Fantasy Movies

Fantasy films like Labyrinth and The Princess Bride are iconic within the genre, being some of the best standalone magical stories.

Carol, Daryl, and Rick in The Walking Dead.  1
10 Walking Dead Characters That Were Prepared for the Apocalypse

In The Walking Dead, characters such as Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier were more prepared to survive the apocalypse than other survivors.

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