Blue Beetle will pay homage to Henry Cavill's Superman.

Via The Direct, Director Angel Manuel Soto interviewed with Nestor Bentancor, opening up on the positive reaction to Blue Beetle. “Waking up in Mexico to the news that [Zack] Snyder wants to see it too," Soto began. "A director that I respect so much, that his films are an immense influence… Even in Blue Beetle, there are some references to Man of Steel that we made out of honor and respect for the work and art of Zack Snyder."

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Soto appreciated the support that he's received from fellow filmmakers, including Suicide Squad's David Ayer. "Also, seeing David Ayer sharing it… It’s like, ‘WOW, brother!’ How nice it feels to have that support from people that one respects and that the fans also respect.”

It's unclear what form the Man of Steel references will take, with many suspecting that it could reuse footage of Cavill's Superman, or contains references to Superman's earlier feats. While DCU Boss James Gunn has confirmed that Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle is the first DCU superhero, the movie is standalone, with events not necessarily affecting future movies in the DCU. Soto's latest comments also flesh out his earlier ones which tied Blue Beetle to "some movies of the past". This suggests that Superman in Blue Beetle's continuity is actually Cavill's.

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How Will Blue Beetle Perform in Theaters?

Originally slated for a digital release on HBO, Warner Bros. instead committed to giving Blue Beetle a theatrical run, leading to low initial expectations. Blue Beetle has since benefited from positive word of mouth, with early reviews calling it a "fun, family-centric origin story." Many fans noted the community groundswell of Blue Beetle, moved by emotional videos of Xolo Maridueña crying when he landed the part, as well as numerous Latino groups pledging their support for the movie. Soto aims to bring Latino communities together more broadly, as outlined in his decision to move Blue Beetle's setting from El Paso to Palmera City.

To many, Blue Beetle also represents an opportunity to unite a fractured fanbase. Snyder revealed his excitement for Blue Beetle, highlighting the importance of Latino representation as well as support for Gunn's new continuity. More recently, Ayer shared new, positive talks with Gunn, revealing Gunn's promise that an 'Ayer Cut' of Suicide Squad will get its time.

Blue Beetle releases in theaters on August 18, 2023.

Source: Nestor Bentancor, via The Direct