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July 11, 2025
James Gunn
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Superman-Legacy-Queen-Bee 1
Superman: Legacy Could Have a Massive Blue Beetle Connection

Rumors abound of a key DC location appearing in Superman: Legacy. If true, it gives the DC Universe a great chance to re-introduce the Blue Beetle.

Superman Legacy and DCU Superman 1
10 Things Superman: Legacy Needs to Succeed

In order to properly bring the Man of Steel to the big screen for a new generation, Superman: Legacy needs to utilize certain elements of the comics.

Superman from All-Star Superman beside Knightmare Superman and Injustice 2 Superman. 1
Hype for Superman: Legacy Is Strong - But It Must Avoid This Popular Trope

Superman: Legacy is seemingly moving in the right direction, but it can cement this cinematic victory by completely avoiding this popular trope.

Superman-Legacy-Queen-Bee 1
A Rumored Superman: Legacy Conflict Teases a Major DC Villain

New rumors about Superman: Legacy's setting open up a world of possibilities for a very different kind of supervillain. It's just what the DCU needs.

Anthony Carrigan arrowverse and metamorpho cast 1
The DCU's Metamorpho is the Arrowverse's Most Underrated Villain

Anthony Carrigan has been cast as the DCU's Metamorpho, but he previously cut his teeth as another powerful elemental: the Mist in The Flash Season 1.

Glenn Howerton beside Lex Luthor fan art and Superman. 1
Glenn Howerton Fuels Superman: Legacy Casting Rumors With Lex Luthor Fan Art

It's Always Sunny actor Glenn Howerton shares some Lex Luthor fan art, promoting fans to speculate that he has been cast in Superman: Legacy.

Superman: Legacy stars David Corenswet and Rachel Brosnahan.  1
Superman: Legacy Must Keep Clark's Powers a Secret - At Least for a While

The most important person in Clark's life is Lois Lane. But will Superman: Legacy reveal his secret too soon or allow Lois to find out over time?

James Gunn is next to an image of Superman from DC Comics 1
Superman: Legacy VFX Designer Hypes Up James Gunn's 'Great' Script

Visual effects production supervisor Stephane Ceretti praises James Gunn's upcoming Superman: Legacy, the first film in the new DCU.

Jonathan Kent Man of Steel and Superman Legacy 1
Superman: Legacy Could Fix This Important Character's Mistakes

Superman: Legacy is a film with a lot of responsibilities for the new DC Universe and one important character to Clark Kent can finally be done right.

David Corenswet and Jimmy Olsen 1
Superman: Legacy: James Gunn Follows Rumored Jimmy Olsen Actor on Social Media

DC fans notice that Superman Legacy writer/director James Gunn has followed the actor who is rumored to be playing the DCU's Jimmy Olsen on Instagram.

Gal Gadot and Henry Cavill 1
Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot Reacts to the DCU’s Superman Casting

Gal Gadot, who portrayed Wonder Woman alongside Henry Cavill's Man of Steel in the DCEU, reacts to David Corenswet being cast as Superman in the DCU.

Hawkgirl in Legends of Tomorrow 1
Hawkgirl's Last Live-Action Appearance Was Problematic, and the DCU Must Do Better

The Arrowverse Hawkgirl was limited to being Hawkman's inexperienced partner, and the next live-action Hawkgirl needs a new creative direction.

James Gunn in the forefront of an image of Superman sitting and looking down from the cloud 1
Superman: Legacy Director James Gunn's 'Crystal Clear Vision' Praised by Production Designer

Production designer Beth Mickle lauded James Gunn's creative vision for the upcoming DC Universe kickoff film Superman: Legacy.

Nathan Fillion cast as Guy Gardner Green Lantern Superman Legacy 1
Guy Gardner Doesn't Have to Remain a Green Lantern in the DCU

Superman: Legacy will introduce Nathan Fillion as the Green Lantern Guy Gardner, but he could take on another identity in future DCU projects.

James Gunn beside Christopher Reeve's Superman and the Man of Steel in his upcoming Superman: Legacy film 1
Superman: Legacy's Established Heroes Will Set Its Man of Steel Apart From Donner's Version

While Donner's Superman was Earth's only superpowered protector, James Gunn's Superman can inspire his world's superheroes with his compassion.

David Corenswet and Jimmy Olsen 1
RUMOR: Amazing Spider-Man Actor Attached as Jimmy Olsen in Superman: Legacy

A new rumor suggests that James Gunn is looking to cast an actor from The Amazing Spider-Man as Jimmy Olsen in Superman: Legacy.

Hawkgirl from the DCAU 1
The DCU Hawkgirl Has an Opportunity to Rectify a DCAU Mistake

Superman: Legacy is introducing the DCU's Hawkgirl, but her role in the movies shouldn't quite emulate how she and Hawkman were handled in the DCAU.

Metamorpho from DC Comics with Superman in the background  1
Superman: Legacy’s Newest Villain Should Take After Their Animated Counterpart

The recent casting announcement for Metamorpho suggests an unusual antagonist for the DCU's Superman: Legacy, and a big change from previous movies.

Anthony Carrigan and Metamorpho from DC Comics 1
Superman: Legacy Won't Be Anthony Carrigan's First Time Playing a DC Villain

Superman: Legacy will feature Anthony Carrigan as Metamorpho, but the actor once played a much different DC character on the Gotham television series.

Superman Legacy's James Gunn Denies Lex Luthor Casting Rumors 1
Superman: Legacy's James Gunn Denies Lex Luthor Casting Rumors

Director James Gunn has debunked recent rumors regarding Lex Luthor's casting in the highly anticipated Superman: Legacy movie.