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The Batman & Robin Comic Adaptation Makes One Simple Change That Fixes The Movie

Batman & Robin could have been the most commercialized Batman movie to date but the comic adaptation tiptoed around it to focus on its best parts.

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8 Best Batman Team-Up Comics, Ranked

Batman is often called a lone wolf but as DC Comics most popular hero, he's created teams like the Outsiders and worked with Superman since 1952.

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10 Powers Batman Should Have But Doesn't

Batman is a powerless vigilante who uses gadgets and martial arts skills to defend Gotham City, but certain superpowers would suit him well.

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10 DC Comics That Would Make Great Mystery Movies

Packed with twists and turns, DC Comics like Batman: The Detective or Reign of the Supermen are begging for a mystery movie adaptation.

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10 Most Important Versions Of Gotham City

Across DC media, and especially the comic book source material, there have been various incarnations of Gotham City crucial to Batman's mythos.

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Rafael Grampá Shows His Love for Batman in Second Gargoyle of Gotham Trailer

DC Comics drops a Batman: Gargoyle of Gotham trailer that centers around Rafael Grampá's relationship with the Dark Knight.

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Why Does Batman Keep Letting The Joker Live?

The Clown Prince of Crime has long been the most destructive force in Gotham—so why does Batman keep letting the villain live?

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Jason Aaron Returns to DC for Batman: Off-World

Longtime Marvel writer Jason Aaron finally makes his return to DC Comics to pen Batman: Off-World.

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Best Superhero Shows To Watch On Max

HBO might be Max now, but superhero fans still have plenty of iconic shows to enjoy like Superman & Lois and the iconic Batman: The Animated Series.

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How Tall is Batman & The Rest of the Bat-Family?

DC fans know a lot about Batman and the other Bat-Family members, but their specific heights aren't common knowledge.

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How Thomas Wayne’s Background As A Doctor Makes Him A Better Batman

Thomas Wayne's legacy as a healer has helped sharpen his crimefighting skills as the Flashpoint Batman, making him a better Dark Knight than Bruce.

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10 Best Anti-Batmen, Ranked

Batman has evolved since his comics debut in 1939, and many comics characters can be considered the Caped Crusader's antithesis — anti-Batmen.

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DCU Concept Art Imagines Jensen Ackles as Live-Action Batman

Batman fan art featuring Supernatural star Jensen Ackles sparks conversation about the actor's future in James Gunn's DCU.

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10 Most Ambitious DC Villains of All Time, Ranked

A good supervillain is only as effective as their ambition. While the Prankster just wants to embarrass Superman, Darkseid wants to conquer reality.

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Why Batman's Most Ridiculous Disguise Shouldn't Work

If Batman is a master of disguise why has he returned to the cartoonish persona of Matches Malone so many times over the decades?

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25 Animated Batman Films, Ranked From Worst To Best

Batman is foundational in the DC Animated Universe. Overall, his animated movies are great, with a few painful exceptions.

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Ray Liotta Nearly Played Batman - Here's Why He Turned It Down

In one of his final interviews, Ray Liotta recalled passing on the role of Batman.

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Every "Old Man Batman" Comic, Ranked

The trope of exploring a hero in old age has always made for compelling tales in comics. Nowhere is this truer than with Batman.

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The Most Important Batman Events Of All Time, Ranked

Batman has many key events that built up his reputation as DC's flagship hero.

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The Best DC Solo Comics In The Past 5 Years, Ranked

DC's solo comics house flagship heroes in daily adventures, and the last five years had some of the best tales with Batman, Green Lantern and more.