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Krakoa May be Gone but Benjamin Percy’s X-Force Fights On

Benjamin Percy talks to CBR about Fall of X’s impact on X-Force and bringing the storyline he’s been building with Colossus and Mikhail to a head.

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Marvel's Darkest Potential Future was just Stopped by the Silliest Deadpool Ever

A variant of Deadpool who embraced a jester persona just saved one of the darkest Marvel timelines, highlighting just how dangerous he really can be.

A split image of comic covers for Children of the Vault, Dark X-Men, and Uncanny Spider-Man from Fall of X 1
Every Comic Connected To The Fall Of X

Marvel's Fall of X begins at the end of July. Based on the comics contributing to the event, the X-Men are in for the biggest battle of their lives.

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10 Comics To Read Before X-Men: Hellfire Gala (2023)

Setting the stage for X-Men Hellfire Gala (2023), comics like Immortal X-Men and X-Force detail the many dangers sure to strike during Fall of X.

A split image of Spider-Man and Wolverine and Professor Xavier and Magneto from Marvel Comics 1
10 Strangest Alliances In Marvel Comics

Heroes like the X-Men and Spider-Man have surprisingly teamed up with their villains, forming some of the strangest alliances in Marvel Comics.

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The X-Men's Biggest Traitors Highlight the Krakoa Era's Real Tragedy

During a mission with X-Force, Domino bluntly and perfectly summarized the true tragedy of the X-Men's Krakoa Era.

A closeup of one of Beast's clones in X-Force by Marvel Comics 1
X-Men: Beast's Latest Plan Could Make Him a Top-Tier Marvel Villain

Beast's latest plan in X-Force has set the stage for a dark future, ensuring his machinations won't be thwarted by X-Force, Wolverine, or the X-Men.

X-Force Mutant 1
Marvel's X-Men Should Learn From X-Force's Storytelling

Four years after House of X, the wider X-Men stories are stuck in the same cycle. X-Force shows how that could change.

A split image of the Dark X-Men, Emma Sinister, and the X-Men of Days Of Future Past from Marvel Comics 1
10 Darkest Versions Of The X-Men

The darkest versions of the X-Men exist in Marvel's 616 and alternate universes and timelines, including the X-Force and Age of Apocalypse teams.

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X-Men: An Omega-Level Mutant is Back - But There's a Serious Problem

Quentin Quire's return in X-Force brings back the Omega-Level mutant in a big way, but it continues a troublesome trend.

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10 Most Secretive Marvel Comics Teams

From the X-Men's X-Force to Norman Osborn's Dark Avengers, Marvel Comics houses some amazing super-teams that always keep secrets.

Wolverine and Domino stand next to a twisted version of Beast who Kid Omega calls the god of mutants 1
Marvel Crowns an X-Men Villain as the God of Mutants

One of the original X-Men has emerged as the god of all mutants in one of the worst possible future the heroes of X-Force could end up in.

The X-Men's Beast in front of clones. 1
X-Men: Marvel Has Introduced Terrifying Versions of Beast - And They're Destroying the Future

X-Force #40 features a glimpse into one of the X-Men's darkest futures - and reveals terrifying versions of the formerly heroic mutant Beast.

Wolverine draws his admantium claw in front of machine version of him and Beast 1
Marvel Has Revealed Wolverine's Most Tragic (And Terrifying) Future

X-Force #40 offers a glimpse into a new future for the X-Men in which Wolverine suffers one of the most tragic fates imaginable.

A split image of Wolverine and Maverick having a stand off, Beast holding Wolverine's adamantium skull, and Beasts overseeing the Weapons Of X from Marvel Comics 1
15 Biggest Reveals From Wolverine (So Far)

Benjamin Percy's Wolverine comic series debuted during the X-Men's Krakoa era and has consistently provided readers with shocking reveals.

The Krakoan X-Force, Mike Mignola's classic X-Force, and Peter Milligan and Mike Allred's X-Force 1
10 Best Marvel Comics Starring X-Force

The X-Force is an extension of the X-Men created by Cable and recently led by Beast who have starred in some incredible Marvel comics.

Laura Kinney as Wolverine leaps forward, claws out 1
Wolverine is Finally Evolving From a Killer to a Respectable Hero

The Wolverine mantle has been commonly associated with killers just as much as heroes, but the latest holder of the title is changing things.

A split image of X-Force, Wolverine, and Miracleman: The Silver Age from Marvel Comics 1
10 Most Underrated Marvel Comics Of 2023 (So Far)

Marvel comic readers have been gifted many wonderful comics in 2023, including some X-Men and Avengers books that deserve more credit.

X-Force Beast 1
X-Men: Beast's Fate Signals the End for the Quiet Council - And May Lead to Fall of X

The X-Men's Beast has finally faced the Quiet Council for his recent actions, and his fate may lead directly into Marvel's Fall of X.

On the left, Beast's face stares, growling menacingly. On the right, Wolverine fights many Beasts at once. 1
Beast's New Role in the Marvel Universe Could Make the X-Men Villains

The X-Men's Quiet Council has gained knowledge of Beast's recent actions - and their response will likely make mutants villains to the world.