While Good Omens hasn't been confirmed for Season 3 yet, viewers are already lobbying for Season 4, however, they are in for a big disappointment, according to the series' showrunner himself.

Good Omens Season 2 has just premiered amid the SAG-AFTRA strike and has yet to be renewed for another season, although the viewership numbers on Prime Video are looking promising. Neil Gaiman, the creator of the show and the co-author of the original book, said that Season 2 wasn't a sequel to Season 1, but a mere premise for the actual sequel. This implied that there could be a potential third season, and viewers have been claiming that Good Omens would need to be greenlit for at least two more seasons to provide a suitable ending to Aziraphale and Crowley's ineffable story. One dedicated fan brought these concerns to Gaiman himself on Tumblr, and here is what the writer had to say.

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Apparently, if Good Omens ever gets a third season, it will be the last. "No, there won't be an S4," responded the writer via his official Tumblr account. Gaiman has previously mentioned that Season 3 would largely be based on his and Terry Pratchett's unfinished sequel to Good Omens, concluding the story the way it was always meant to be.

What is in the Cards for Good Omens Season 3?

While Good Omens Season 3 hasn't been confirmed yet, the future does look bright. Debuting as the number-one comedy on Prime Video, the series stands a good chance of getting another season. Gaiman has stated that Season 3 is "planned and plotted" and that he would be "writing it right now" if it weren't for the ongoing strike.

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The author reportedly believes that the ball is now in the audience's court as fans are the ones who can make sure Good Omens Season 2 gets the attention it deserves. In a recent interview with TVLine, the leads of the show, Michael Sheen and David Tennant, have agreed with Gaiman on that front, saying, "Well, if you've seen where Series 2 ends, there's certainly the teasing of further tales to come, isn't there? Whether we will ever find out what those tales are is in the lap of the audience."

Good Omens is now streaming on Prime Video.

Source: Tumblr