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Bella Swan and Edward Cullen with the rest of the members of the Cullen family from Twilight 1
The Twilight Saga’s Timeline Is Shorter Than You Think

Let's break down The Twilight Saga's timeline to learn just how quickly Bella Swan and Edward Cullen went from strangers to marriage and parenthood.

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10 Perks of Watching Twilight Today

Edward and Bella's iconic love story might have taken the world by storm in 2008, but it's even better to watch in the modern day.

Jamie Lynn Spears on Twilight Saga 1
Jamie Lynn Spears Turned Down Twilight: 'Who Is Going to Watch These Vampires?'

Jamie Lynn Spears, best known for her role in the hit Nickelodeon show Zoey 101, has revealed that she once turned down a role in the Twilight series.

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10 Cringiest Teen Movies

From Alyson Stoner's wacky music skills in Camp Rock to Amanda Bynes pretending to be a boy in She's the Man, these teen movies will make you cringe.

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The 10 Most Quotable Twilight Saga Lines

Hold on tight, spider monkey! These most quotable Twilight Saga lines have proven the series to be both a pop-culture masterpiece and one huge meme.

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10 Franchises That Needlessly Split The Final Movie Into Multiple Parts

Whether it's two-part endings like Twilight: Breaking Dawn or extra films like The Hobbit trilogy, not every movie series needs a multipart finale.

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10 Shocking Movie Twists That Come Out Of Nowhere

Movies like Saw II, Planet of the Apes, and The Mist have featured surprising plot twists that had no foreshadowing or build up.

Jennifer Lawrence and the Twilight cast 1
Jennifer Lawrence Recalls Her Failed Twilight Audition

Hunger Games veteran Jennifer Lawrence reflects on her unsuccessful attempt to join another Hollywood franchise, The Twilight Saga.

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Why The Twilight Saga Was Banned in the US

The Twilight Saga is among the hundreds of books banned or challenged in the United States. But what made the series so controversial?

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Where To Watch The Twilight Movies - Streaming Guide

With a Twilight reboot on everybody's mind, there's never been a better time to revisit Bella and Edward's whirlwind romance.

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10 Twilight Characters Who Deserve Their Own Spin-Off

From Alice Cullen to Leah Clearwater, many other Twilight characters deserve their own spinoff.

Edward looks serious, Bella in green shirt looks shy, and Jacob with long hair smiles in Twilight. 1
15 Harsh Realities Of Re-Reading The Twilight Saga

From redeemed elements to plots more problematic than ever, re-reading The Twilight Saga offers some interesting insights about the popular series.

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10 Actors Who Could Play Edward Cullen In The Twilight Reboot

The Twilight TV show won't see Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen, but actors like Finn Wolfhard and Timothée Chalamet could play the teenage vampire.

Edward and Bella talking to Jacob in Twilight: Eclipse – the three are part of a complicated love triangle 1
Sorry, Twilight’s Problematic Stereotypes Don’t Warrant a TV Reboot

The Twilight Saga is in early development to be rebooted as a television series, but it might as well never make it past that stage.

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Twilight: Cullen Family Members Ranked, According to Their Powers

The Twilight Saga's Cullen family is gifted beyond that of a normal vampire coven. But which of the Cullens' power is best?

Michael Welch as Mike Newton in front of The Twilight Saga's Edward, Bella and Jacob 1
Twilight's Team Jacob vs. Team Edward Debate Ignores Bella's Best Match

Taylor Lautner recently re-sparked an age-old Twilight debate: Team Jacob vs. Team Edward. But that doesn’t include the most logical choice for Bella.

Twilight and The Princess Bride 1
The Most Romantic Fantasy Movies To Watch This Valentine's Day

Rom-coms aren’t the only movies to watch this upcoming Valentine’s Day. There are plenty of romantic fantasy films, like Twilight, to watch instead.

Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria running in Twilight 1
Why Victoria Was Recast for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Bryce Dallas Howard played Victoria in the film adaptations of Stephenie Meyer's The Twilight Saga, but she wasn't always the face behind the villain.

Team Edward Vs. Team Jacob Twilight Debate 1
Twilight's Taylor Lautner Opens Up About the Impact of Team Jacob vs. Team Edward

Scream Queens actor Taylor Lautner describes the intense Twilight fan culture and his thoughts about the debate surrounding the story's love triangle.

Team Edward Vs. Team Jacob Twilight Debate 1
Team Edward Vs. Team Jacob: Which Is the RIGHT Choice in the Twilight Debate?

More than a decade after the Twilight Saga ended, can the Team Edward vs. Team Jacob debate finally be settled once and for all?