The following contains spoilers for What We Do in the Shadows Season 5, Episode 6, "Urgent Care," which aired Aug. 10 on FX.

Season 5 of What We Do in the Shadows has been quite chaotic, to say the least. This season redefines Colin Robinson, transforming him into an action hero and someone way more interesting than first assumed. But at the core of the story is a Guillermo who's been turned into a vampire by Derek, achieving his lifelong dream of being immortal.

Guillermo is hiding it from Nandor, though, leading to Laszlo running experiments, creating vampire sunscreen. This leads to a lot more havoc in the Staten Island mansion than usual. Well, as Laszlo's schemes to figure out Guillermo's physiology backfires, more trouble ensues. And this time, Guillermo implicates someone else with the truth, teasing quite a rocky ride to come.

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What We Do in the Shadows Outs Guillermo's Secret to Nadja

What We Do in the Shadows' Nadja is at the hospital with Guillermo

Laszlo tries to get Guillermo to fly in the mansion, which ends with Guillermo dropping from the air and breaking his foot. Nadja's quickly tasked with taking him to a vampire hospital, where familiars are treated. It gives them another adventure away from her marriage to Laszlo, and all the drama with the Guide and Nadja Doll.

However, Nadja finds out -- via Guillermo's blood work -- that he is indeed a vampire. After they beat down the doctor who tries to murder Guillermo, he begs her to keep it hush. Nadja doesn't want to lie to Nandor, but she eventually concedes, growing incensed about the pretense. Sure, she and Nandor bicker, but she trusts Nandor and wants to keep their vampire camaraderie going after all these centuries of being friends. But it looks like Nadja, despite always bullying Guillermo, wants to keep him in the family.

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What We Do in the Shadows Teases Vampire Family Turmoil

What We Do in the Shadows' Guillermo is in a trolley

It's safe to say Laszlo considers Guillermo a guinea pig. He loves running sadistic experiments, because part of it sates his scientific curiosity. But the other part is deriving pleasure from torturing Guillermo and enjoying seeing this new vampire writing in pain. The show now creates a path for Nadja to join in, adding to the humor of Guillermo as a lab rat. Given her extensive experience across Europe and her knowledge of bloodsuckers' history, she could be quite the asset as they try to figure out why Guillermo hasn't accessed his full powers. Or if Guillermo may want to reverse the transformation.

That said, while it'd be hilarious seeing the couple engaging in their wild shenanigans, there'll be tension. Nadja isn't that good a liar, after all. Plus, Colin's quite smart at sussing out secrets, should he want to, of course. Once Nandor finds out Nadja and Laszlo lied, all hell will break loose, quickly turning the comedy into something personal and angry. He'd hate the idea someone else turned his familiar, so there'd be a lot of pent-up rage to unleash. Ultimately, though, Season 5 looks like it'll have Nadja and Laszlo having more fun before the cat's out the bag. This development has fans eager to see how Guillermo copes once he realizes he's their toy, and that maybe Nadja may not be able to keep the facade up.

What We Do in the Shadows airs Thursdays on FX.