The following contains spoilers for Justified: City Primeval Episode 6, "Adios," which debuted Tuesday, Aug. 15 on FX.

With few Justified: City Primeval episodes remaining, the FX series starts pushing its disparate factions closer to their final confrontation. Raylan Givens struggles with a sleepless night in Detroit... only to be woken up by Carolyn Wilder, who tells him that "I have something you want." She's not referring to their new personal relationship; she hints that she's seen Judge Alvin Guy's damning black book, and wonders aloud if she can trust him with the information therein. Furthermore, Carolyn admits there are things she wants to do with the names in said book -- none of them legal, all of them just, at least in her eyes.

But if there's anyone who understands the need to go outside the lines, it's walking disruptor Raylan Givens. He invites Carolyn into his hotel room. The next day, real estate tycoon "Bulldozer Burt" -- the guy who was blackmailed and later robbed by Clement Mansell -- is still in the picture. He wants his painting back from Mansell and enlists a former employee named Ronnie to retrieve it. Mansell has no idea, because he and his business partner Sweety are meeting their next mark out of Judge Guy's book. The target claims he only has $12,000, and Mansell's decision to chase after him for the other $3,000 ends in the victim dead on the ground.

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Justified City Primeval - Mansell and Sweety argue in black jackets at night

Raylan informs underutilized Justified addition Maureen Downey that Mansell and Sweety have the book and are using it for extortion. They both believe that they can finally arrest Mansell if they physically catch him with the book -- and Raylan knows one of the names inside, thanks to his new source. When Raylan makes a comment about doing things "the right way," Maureen immediately calls him out as sleeping with Carolyn. She is understandably not thrilled with this complication. Cut to Lonnie entering Sweety's Bar looking for the proprietor, no matter how long he has to wait.

Sweety sits with Mansell and Sandy Stanton in their borrowed penthouse, bothered by how their extortion attempts have not gone according to plan. He's further annoyed when he sees Burt's painting across the room and realizes that Mansell has literally taken things into his own hands. He answers a call from the bar to learn about Ronnie, and asks Mansell if the name is familiar to him. It isn't, so he departs while Sandy argues with Mansell about still being in Detroit. "20 [thousand] more and we're on a plane," she insists before he heads off to make his next move.

Maureen continues to snark Raylan about Carolyn as the two walk through the courthouse -- while reminding him that she's in charge of their operation. The two catch Carolyn's friend Diane Rogers coming out of a courtroom, with her referring to Raylan as a "rodeo clown." But she stops being pithy when they tell her in her office that she's in Judge Guy's black book. Apparently he documented that both of them took bribes in order to exonerate Detroit police officers of "bad shootings." Just the rumor of that kind of prosecutorial misconduct would end her career, so would she rather work as a confidential informant... off the record, of course?

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Justified City Primeval - Maureen Downey (Marin Ireland) talks on the radio in her car

After Raylan recounts the specific details of one such shooting and Maureen plays the "help us help you" card, Diane relents. Ronnie strikes up awkward small talk with Sweety's partner just before Sweety reappears, needing to explain himself to both of them. Ronnie reminds Justified: City Primeval viewers how much Sweety has done for the Detroit community and asks why he was messing with Bulldozer Burt. All he wants is for Sweety to identify Mansell -- but their negotiation is interrupted by a phone call from Diane. She tells Sweety that she knows he has the book and agrees to give him $30,000 later in the day if he turns over the page that incriminates her, in a classic sting operation.

Once they've agreed to terms, Sweety hangs up and tells his partner that he might have "just found a way out." His partner reassures him that he doesn't care what it is, "you get it done." Sweety takes this information to Ronnie, identifying Mansell on the condition that Ronnie kills Mansell -- therefore solving both their problems. He even hands over $6,000 as a down payment toward the murder, with the painting and a cut of Diane's money coming afterward. Some time later, the now-marked Mansell strolls into the bar and argues with Sweety about their differing approaches. Sweety gives him the details regarding Diane just before a curious Sandy takes Burt's painting to a local art dealer.

Carolyn calls Sweety and warns him to put distance between himself and "my client," because "it is about to come down." He tells her that her plan is going to get in the way of his plan, and then leaves a message for Ronnie. The crossed wires are painfully obvious. But the time to do the deed(s) rolls around, with Raylan and the Detroit Police setting up as everyone else converges in a local park. "Too many variables, not enough eyes," Wendell Robinson admits just before Mansell enters the frame. Ronnie, who could learn something about subtlety from The First 48's Ronnie Leatherman, advances with a knife but is stopped when Raylan moves in to arrest Mansell.

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Justified City Primeval - Mansell (Boyd Holbrook) meets Diane (Regina Taylor) in a park

"Wouldn't it be something if we had ourselves a little shootout?" Mansell suggests to Raylan -- and after Raylan walks away, Maureen informs her colleagues that Mansell doesn't actually have Judge Guy's book on his person. This further enrages an already frustrated Diane, as Raylan knows it means they have no grounds to keep Mansell. He watches as his nemesis is released from custody. "Am I actually watching this man walk away right now?" he asks Maureen, who warns him that going after Mansell is not only the wrong way, but playing right into the criminal's hands. She assures him that they'll get Mansell, but Raylan looks unconvinced.

In the car afterward, he explains to Robinson that something felt off about the sting. He insinuates that Mansell has well-placed friends, and Robinson admits that he may be right, but his colleague isn't interested. After Robinson tells Raylan to change the subject, Raylan breaks the bad news to Carolyn at her home. He has to lean on her further -- professionally and personally. She invites him inside the way he invited her earlier, and Justified: City Primeval ends with Mansell dropping in on Sweety and Ronnie. He shoots Ronnie in the side of the head before turning on Sweety. As "Seven Nation Army" plays again, Sweety forces Mansell to look him in the face when he shoots him, killing the other man before setting Sweety's Bar on fire.

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