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Nicolas Cage plans his next move in Sympathy for the Devil. 1
Dream Scenario: Nicolas Cage Comedy Sets Release Date

Nicolas Cage's latest dark comedy for A24, Dream Scenario, will officially hit movie theaters on November 10.

Nicolas Cage and Joel Kinnaman share a moment in Sympathy for the Devil 1
REVIEW: A Fully Committed Nicolas Cage Carries Sympathy for the Devil

Even when Sympathy for the Devil's narrative falters, Nicolas Cage's enjoyably bonkers turn as a mysterious carjacker is always mesmerizing to watch.

A split image of nicholas cage in dead by daylight and nicholas cage at the summer games fest 1
10 More Video Game Franchises We Want To See Nicolas Cage In

Nicholas Cage is coming to Dead by Daylight, and in his Summer Games Fest speech, he expressed an interest in video games going forward.

Nicolas Cage showing his teeth as Dracula in Renfield 1
Why Nicolas Cage Doesn't Use the Coppola Name

Nicolas Cage may have benefited from his family already being in the film industry, but the actor decided to abandon the Coppola name.

Nicolas Cage's face composed of bullets in the Lord of War poster 1
Nicolas Cage's Lord of War Sequel Is a Well-Deserved Follow-up

Nicolas Cage's Lord of War has an upcoming sequel -- and the harsh power of the 2005 film highlights why it definitely deserves it.

Split image showing characters from Face/Off, Police Story and Bullitt 1
10 Best Classic Action Movies, Ranked

The action genre is saturated with great content, but movies like Air Force One and First Blood have stood the test of time, becoming classics.

John Cusack and Demi Moore embracing in One Crazy Summer and Tatum O'Neal and Kristy McNichol back to back in Little Darlings. 1
10 Most Underrated '80s Teen Movies

From For Keeps and Real Genius, there are many overlooked '80s teen movies that modern viewers should give another chance to shine.

John Leguizamo, Oscar Isaac, and Mark Hamill split image. 1
10 Actors Who Should've Voiced Mario Instead

Some fans think actors like John Leguizamo or Mark Hamill should have voiced Mario in The Super Mario Bros. Movie instead of Chris Pratt.

Nicolas Cage next to an image of The Spectre from DC Comics 1
Nicolas Cage's The Spectre Fits Right Into James Gunn's Horror DCU

Nicolas Cage wants to play The Spectre in the rebooted DC Universe, and the horror character might help to revolutionize comic book movies.

Nicolas Cage looking terrified of a casual Keanu Reeves 1
Nic Cage Recalls 'Mixed Emotions' After Keanu Reeves 'Kicked His Ass' at Pool

Nicolas Cage recalls a hilarious story about his “mixed emotions” about Keanu Reeves after the John Wick star hustled him at a game of pool.

The-Spectre-Nicolas-Cage 1
Nicolas Cage Wants to Play a Classic JSA Hero in the DCU

Nicolas Cage reveals which member of the Justice Society of America he is interested in possibly playing in James Gunn's DC Universe.

Split image Brendan Fraser in the Whale, John Travolta in Pulp Fiction, Nicolas Cage in Pig 1
10 Movies That Revived An Actor's Career

Not every former star receives the comeback they deserve, but sometimes the right project comes along that pushes someone back into the spotlight.

Nic-Cage-Marvel 1
Why Nic Cage Doesn't Want to Join the MCU: 'I'm Nic Cage'

Actor Nicolas Cage shares his further thoughts on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, noting that he doesn’t see the franchise as necessary for his career.

Drew Barrymore and Nicolas Cage in front of the Oscars Stage 1
10 Best Movie Actor Comebacks

For whatever reason, actors sometimes pull out of the spotlight. However, that doesn't mean they're always out of the game for good.

Split image Chewbacca, Silent Bob, Nicolas Cage 1
10 Great Movie Characters Who Barely Speak

Great heroes and villains don't need a lot of dialogue to become iconic characters.

From Renfield to Raising Arizona, Why Nicolas Cage Is Such a Beloved Actor 1
From Renfield to Raising Arizona, Why Nicolas Cage Is Such a Beloved Actor

There are few actors stranger and more adored for it than Nicolas Cage. From National Treasure to Pig, there are many reasons he's remained revered.

Header Image depicting Sheryl Lee Ralph, Nicolas Cage, and Jenna Ortega 1
10 Stars Who Should Be In The Next Knives Out Movie

With the rousing success of Knives Out and Glass Onion, fans are eagerly speculating as to what stars will be in the third film.

Nic Cage Doesn't Want to Join Star Wars 1
Nic Cage Isn't Interested in Joining Star Wars - He's a Trekkie

Nicolas Cage explains why he isn't interested in joining the Star Wars universe, attributing his uninterest to his love for Star Trek instead.

Spider-Man Noir from Into the Spider-Verse and Nicolas Cage 1
Nicolas Cage Wasn't Asked to Return for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

Nicolas Cage confirms he wasn't approached to reprise his role as Spider-Man Noir in the upcoming Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.

Nicolas Cage in The Old Way 1
REVIEW: Nicolas Cage Carries the Basic but Satisfying Western The Old Way

Even if nearly everything about Nicolas Cage Western The Old Way is obvious and predictable, the filmmakers deliver the familiar material effectively.