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Father, veteran, and storyteller. A cunning warrior, the best star-pilot in the galaxy, and a good friend. The first installment of his superhero fiction book, TALES OF ADVENTURE & FANTASY, is available on Amazon in print and ebook!

On Star Trek Picard, The Next Generation assembles on the Enterprise-D's Bridge. 1
How Picard Cemented This Couple as Star Trek's Best

Star Trek: Picard reintroduced many characters from The Next Generation era, yet Seasons 1 and 2 prove Riker and Troi are the best franchise couple.

The Gorn in Star Trek Strange New Worlds 1
What Strange New Worlds Can Learn From Picard About Star Trek Enemies

Strange New Worlds reintroduced the iconic Gorn as a relentless evil threat, and storytellers can turn to Star Trek: Picard for what should come next.

Seven of Nine, Raffi, Jack and Beverly Crusher in a combined graphic Star Trek Picard Season 3. 1
Why Star Trek: Legacy Could Be a Feature Film Testing Ground

The fan campaign for Star Trek: Legacy might not just lead to a new series, but it could also become a test kitchen for the next feature film series.

The USS Titan-A facing off the USS Intrepid 1
Picard's Enterprise-G Uses 'Old' Designs to Make Star Trek Feel 'New'

Picard Season 3 introduced a lot of new Starfleet ships and settings that felt fresh and new but were inspired by classic Star Trek design work.

Counselor Deanna Troi standing in the Enterprise D ready room wearing gen 3 Starfleet uniform 1
Why Deanna Troi Wore a Starfleet Uniform in TNG's Final Seasons

On Star Trek: The Next Generation, Counselor Deanna Troi started wearing a regulation Starfleet uniform in later seasons and it changed the character.

Zefram Cochrane on Star Trek First Contact 1
Star Trek: First Contact May Contain an Unintentional Homage to Gene Roddenberry

The film Star Trek: First Contact brings The Next Generation crew to the past to meet a character some believe is an homage to Gene Roddenberry.

Spock and Chapel in spacesuits floating in space in front of an exploding Starfleet ship saucer section 1
Why Spock's Strange New Worlds' Finale Confrontation Is a Continuity Error

The Strange New Worlds featured a confrontation between Spock and an alien antagonist, but it creates a Star Trek continuity error with an easy fix.

Spock and Kirk converse at a mountain in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier 1
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Is a Better Movie Than Fans Remember

Dubbed one of the franchise's worst films and plagued by production problems, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier is a better movie than fans remember.

Minchael Burham in Star Trek Discovery Season 3.  1
This Star Trek Entry Deserves More Credit for Saving the Franchise

Nearly 60 years after its debut, Star Trek is thriving as a franchise, but none of it would be possible without the USS Discovery and Michael Burnham.

Scotty Holding a Device and Star Trek Strange New Worlds 1
Strange New Worlds Reintroduces Another Legendary Star Trek Character

The Strange New Worlds Season 2 finale doesn't just reintroduce the Gorn, it brings in one of Star Trek: The Original Series' most iconic characters.

Nichelle Nichols, Zoe Saldana in Star Trek image. 1
Zoe Saldaña Landed Her Star Trek Role With the Help of an Iconic Director

Zoe Saldaña played Lt. Uhura in the 2009 Star Trek film, an iconic character in a storied cultural institution and James Cameron helped land the role.

Star Trek: Discovery officers stand in a white room facing a blue Federation flag 1
How Star Trek's Federation Evolved From Just a United Earth

When Gene Roddenberry created Star Trek, the Enterprise was a United Earth starship. The show's second most famous Gene formed the Federation later.

Kirk, La'an, and Khan Star Trek 1
Why Captain Kirk Never Mentions La'an in Star Trek's Khan Stories

There may be a strong narrative reason why Kirk and others never mention La'an Noonien Singh in Star Trek's Khan stories, beyond the real-world one.

Orko, Adra, Teela, Roboto and Evil-Lyn in Masters of the Universe: Revelation 1
Why This Masters of the Universe: Revelation Episode Is the Most Important

One episode in Masters of the Universe: Revelation is the show's most important because it begins the characters emotional journey to becoming 'real.'

Captain Archer climbing up a jefferies tube in Star Trek Enterprise 1
Why Star Trek Ships' Maintenance Corridors Are Called Jefferies Tubes

A ubiquitous feature of Star Trek starships are the service corridors known as Jefferies Tubes - which are named after a real crew member.

emily hampshire as jennifer goines on 12 Monkeys 1
12 Monkeys' Best Character Initially Wasn't in the Story at All

The 12 Monkeys TV series is the rare reboot that equals or surpasses the original but the SyFy series' best character wasn't in the first pilot draft.

Jonathan Kent Man of Steel and Superman Legacy 1
Superman: Legacy Could Fix This Important Character's Mistakes

Superman: Legacy is a film with a lot of responsibilities for the new DC Universe and one important character to Clark Kent can finally be done right.

William Shatner on Star Trek Enterprise 1
William Shatner Almost Radically Changed Enterprise's Final Season

Star Trek: Enterprise Season 4 almost featured a cameo from Willam Shatner as Captain Kirk - but not the version that fans would have expected.

Star Trek Kelvin TImeline and The Next Generation 1
Star Trek Can Revisit the Kelvin Timeline Through the Next Generation

The Kelvin Timeline seems all-but abandoned by the Star Trek franchise, but if it returns it should be in The Next Generation era of that timeline.

Admiral Kirk and Carol Marcus looking in awe on the Genesis cave in The Wrath of Khan 1
Who Is Carol Marcus in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds?

In Strange New Worlds, James T. Kirk tells La'an he's in a relationship, so who is Dr. Carol Marcus and why is she important to Star Trek's future?

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